OnePlus 7 Pro vs Pixel 3a vs S10+ vs XS – Camera Comparison

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Wondering which smartphone camera is the best? We test them out in a variety of situations and find out!
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We took the OnePlus 7 Pro, Google Pixel 3a, Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Apple iPhone XS Max and took a bunch of photos for this photo comparison! Each camera had its strengths and weaknesses, but some phones churched out much better photos than others.

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Prince Gunachauria says:

Samsung is king

Carlos Del rosario says:

Love the saturated photo of the s10.

Roberto A. Reyes Gonzalez says:

iPhone XS Max win

U G Official says:

Wanna hear a joke??

DxO Mark

Mommy says:

Pixel 3 for me



William Hoffmann says:

S10+ is the clear winners it won many categories AND has the versatility of 3 focal lengths that the Pixel can't match.

hardcore channel/gaming says:

S10 plus won

кто то там где то там says:

Shit review . Samsung fan detacted

Will Newcomb says:

This is a tough one!

Achhuana Hk says:

Try Asus too

BleakVision says:

Great content. Thanks

Bang KEMAL says:

all the device cant beat P30 pro 😂

FramrodLiggins says:

Considering that the Pixel is $300 – $500 cheaper that the other phones and I'm not a gamer..I'm taking a pixel 3a xl home.

piyush kumar says:

In 7:04 shot S10 focused on painting behind kids that's why it's darker look at the details in painting here.

Mzwandile Harmans says:

I love the xs max

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