OnePlus 7 Pro vs iPhone XS Max vs Samsung S10 Plus vs Huawei P30 Pro – Camera Comparison Test Review

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OnePlus 7 Pro vs iPhone XS Max vs Samsung S10 Plus vs Huawei P30 Pro – Camera Comparison Test Review! This video looks at a full camera comparison test between the Oneplus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus + iphone xs max + Huawei P30 Pro! As the official launch has just happened, let me know what you think! Which is the best camera?

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ASBYT says:

** WHICH phone has the BEST camera? **
Comment below! ⤵️


OnePlus 7 pro is my choice.At 700 dollars price range this is a beast .The camera is much better than double the price iPhone xs max..I am buying it…Thanks for the video…

M1710 says:

Happy owner of OnePlus 7 Pro. Great video!

Mzwandile Harmans says:

I loveee Apple and I know they’ve been the best video camera phones. Samsung is coming through. Well the p30pro is the worst in video recording

bigfun lam says:

I bought huawei ,and the next day heard the ban

zoyoo says:

The iPhone is the least bad as the all in one

The huawei is beast because zoom and night is actually a lot of the use cases for the cam you need (only thing I’d miss is stable video, but video is waaay less important for me on a phone than good pics)

zoyoo says:

iPhone microphone so good

arun subramanian says:



Huawei…(only shines in night mode shots).

Robert Ibanez says:

out of these, overall the S10.  you try to justify the oneplus too much.  its not bad just still behind.

Gustavo Holtz says:

in normal conditions all are very close, but the P30 Pro night mode and zoom versatility would be determinate for my everyday use. As for video on the front camera the galaxy S10 is ahead and huawei is a step behind the competitors, but I make little use of this function.

Cristian Quiroga says:


Francis Keith Gonzalez says:

The FACT are this 3 phones has just copying every new apple design and etc.

thechojiin says:

Depends on your usage I guess but for me it would be between the p30 Pro and the s10. Luckily I'm not into video recording so much as it's the iphones mic quality during recordings that stood out as the clearest. One plus has improved leaps and bou ds though. It's what's most useful to your in your photo taking situations. I like a good night mode and a decent zoom hence I'm impressed with the p30 Pro. If it was down to video then it would be a whole different ball game as huawei's slow mo and still no 4k 60fps sucks. I find wide angle lenses really useful so I'm glad they are becoming the norm. Hopefully the next gen of phones will get higher quality wide angle lenses and I do like the magic oneplus uses to remove the fish eye effect. If it wasn't for the worry over huawei the mate 20 pro is far cheaper these days and is closer to the others due to the x3 optical zoom but does have a big ass notch and a lower quality in screen finger print reader.

Vincent Andrews says:

Yet another iPhone hate video..smh

Aaditya sharma says:

iPhone is best

Joe3 says:

great job man, thx

Hishamcr7 Cr7 says:

fk trump and fk usa

mangbecak1 says:

Video on Huawei is beyond horrible. Wow

mangbecak1 says:

P30 pro had some temperature issues. Quite disappointing tbh, for the price.

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