OnePlus 7 Pro vs iPhone XS Max – Full CAMERA Comparison! [Disappointing Results]😲

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OnePlus 7 Pro vs Apple iPhone XS Max – Rear Camera (normal, wide and zoom lens) – Outdoor & indoor imaging, HDR, Macro, Portrait Photography; 4K, FHD, Slomo videography, Selfie Photo & Video quality compared.
OnePlus 7 Pro may be the best in performance, but in the Camera department, I’m quite disappointed! The last years iPhone XS Max still beats the OnePlus7 Pro in many ways, the dynamic range of the OP7 Pro’s camera is below par, OIS is also not as good, the color rendering could be better in some cases. OnePlus has reportedly announced a new update for the Camera, I’ll create a new video once the OTA update is released.

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G.K. Sree Hari says:

Good quality of content..

Anowar Hossain says:

Iphone xs maxx king winer best

naman modi says:

Dude look at the difference btw prices you idiot

Saleh Mousa says:

Just use gcam I use it on op6 and it's much better than xs Max

Patrik Kostka says:

you have to record at 4k 60 fps when you want the best stabilization

arun subramanian says:

Why so much hype for Op7p

largon 03 says:

After the update the OnePlus will get in about a week, it is going to kick ass in the camera department. It's already a good camera but they will make it great soon..

Roderick Aspiras says:

One plus sucks in photography.

Eeshan Sharma says:

Shouldn't have come to this page. You need to work more on your knowledge first.

tc 98000 gaming says:

Hello so u can do gaming review of one plus 7 pro

Mick Harrison says:

You're comparing 2 phones that are $1000 apart? Hows it disappointing. Shit , there are some terrible reviews on here.

ああ says:

look at the prices

ArnobPlays says:

Oneplus camera sucks

rahul singh says:

agree with you iphone max is winner but both cameras r good

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