Oneplus 7 Pro vs Google Pixel 3a XL vs iPhone XS Max Camera Review Comparison

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Full 4K Camera Test comparison between Oneplus 7 pro / Google Pixel 3a XL ,
the iphone XS Max. Full indepth camera review soon.
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Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has released a new flagship in the shape of the OnePlus 7 Pro. The camera in the new model ups the ante over its predecessor by packing a triple-camera solution with ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. Lets find out how its camera compares.
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AttnJack says:

For a "lesser" phone the Pixel is the most impressive.

Luka Canaj says:

Backpack lv.3

Gowtham Vicky says:

Dear Android,please try to beat iphone in video recording

Gowtham Vicky says:

Can you try the 299$😅

Undech01 says:

Should have more still shot examples and less video

123four says:

Where is Redmi note 7 pro ?

Jonh Carlo Cabauatan says:

OnePlus 7 pro is the best phone for me

Prasun Mondal says:

It's really amazing comparison. I closely followed it. I damn sure one plus improve a lot to compete with camera beasts.

David Yoho says:

Lol…I like u trying to stear your friend 😂Finally someone seeing what I'm seeing👊👍

Jippu Tpa says:

Also try

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