OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10+ Camera Test Comparison

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Here is my OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus camera comparison. The OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10 camera has been the most requested camera comparison test so I break down all of the images to see who has the better camera. OnePlus 7 Pro unboxing and review coming soon and more OnePlus 7 Pro camera comparisons coming so subscribe. Is the OP7 Pro camera as bad as they say it is? Enjoy the OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Test Comparison!

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Danny Winget says:

What camera won? Closer than you think? Who was surprised?

Carlos Del rosario says:

S10 clear winner. 💁🏻‍♂️

Sayad Khan says:

Thanks for the eye candy at 5:06 bro!

Roman Sama says:

Theres an update on galaxy s10 with may security patch update and in that update they updated camera aswell now night mode is more better than ever before and portraits can be taken in telephoto and wide angel lenses aswell you can switch between cameras in night mode aswell lot of great improvements in this may update i got it and love it now nothing to complain in my gs10😍

Chan Raksa says:

Always love your camera comparison the most.

Ninja Hathoda says:

If price is not bar overall s10 + is choice.i used both.

Captain Craft says:

Most of the people saying that samsung images tends to over expose what they are not telling the people is that when lower down the resolution it takes exceptionally great photos

Samual Williams says:

The phones both take good pictures, but the sad thing is that the 3a XL destroys both of them.

M1710 says:

They are trading blows for sure. The OnePlus wins it for me, simply because I already got one. Amazing phone for a couple of hundreds bucks less.

alklefii says:

Oneplus 6t it was better

arun antony says:

Great video as always Danny!

Kevin Davis says:

S10+ for the definite win.

Great comparison, thanks.

Nii-Odai Charles says:

i think they both give a great telephony experience, but i give a spectrum shot to the s10 plus… but for price i did go for one plus 7 pro,, Good work Danny…

Yudo NeidaNo says:

The biggest take away from this comparison is that there isn't a large casm of difference between these two cameras. 1 or 2 software updates could close the gap.

J G says:

Galaxy audio is picking up lots of background "fuzz" . Video is sharper.

stuart nsubuga says:

the s10plus is still the boss

neoone75 says:

as a former galaxy user I really never liked the photos taken by galaxy. Colours always were unnatural. OP7 pro has more natural colours and IMHO better quality. I'm using Huawei mate 10 pro as my daily driver and photos taken by it are far more better than both galaxy 10+ or OP7 pro.

Roldan Pinos says:

Samsung has the upperhand here. But the OnePlus' shots are good.

Harry Labita says:

Oneplus has 2.2 optical zoom. Sad but true

WALKER STUDIO vevo says:

U stated wrong…
"If u more want more natural images go to oneplus"
Just switch off scene optimizer
S10 is till the best daylight camera.
U r a isheep who hates Samsung

Mike Nickson says:

Can anyone tell me it oneplus will be affected by the ban on China.?

Weekend Warrior says:

Gotta go with the s10. Its about to receive a 2nd update to its night mode. While the 7 pro was lying about it's 3x telephoto zoom (2.2x in reality) and they have said they have no plans to let you record with their wide angle lens.

Michael K says:

Prices in my country at the moment: Galaxy S10+ costs 730 euros, S10 costs 630 euros, S10e costs 470 and the 1+7 pro costs 800!!!
I would consider buying it over Samsung flagships only if it drops down to 500 euros.

Ari'J the Randøm says:

Does the S10 plus have Virtual shot and does it allow you to record in pro mode??

sangita borah says:

s10 plus easy winner for camera test

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