OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Review After Update (9.5.7)

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Here is my OnePlus 7 Pro camera review after the 9.5.7 update! I did a camera test with the launch software and the new OnePlus 7 Pro 9.5.7 camera update and there is a CLEAR difference. OnePlus 7 Pro camera after update could now be the deciding factor if you should by the OnePlus 7 Pro now. Full extended OnePlus 7 Pro review coming and more oneplus 7 Pro camera reviews and comparisons coming. I just got this update yesterday so it should be hitting your Oneplus 7 Pros now!

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Danny Winget says:

Did you guys get the update? What do you think? Is this a game changer now for the OnePlus 7 Pro? Who bought it after seeing this update?

PCG says:

Very good. I can see huge different. Better feel of the pictures.

Mirko Lai says:

Amazing phone

Louis Kévin says:

Now I want one thanks Danny 😭 (I have a note 9)

Saul Murillo says:

Camera actually improved a lot. But I just got a Pixel 3a before this update and I'm enjoying it.

Aaditya Thukral says:

I m watching your video on my updated 7 pro🤣. Yes I am very happy with the update and experiencing so many magical changes in the camera.

Naresh Gone says:

Comper with pixel3 and s10+

Soumya Sagnik says:

I'm using the stock screen protector the phone came with. Should I change and if so give some recommendations.

Arthur Оros says:

I have just one question in my head. How is it possible that you could restore the scenario of picture. I mean pictures look they are almost the same. Did you go there again and made them? Just wondering)) No offense

Nnamdi Jideani says:

Thank you!! Don't know why no one else is making a video about this. So Danny with these improvements where does the Op7 pro stack now in terms of best camera phones on the market??

Asger Gerrild says:

Looks much better! Is the video camera still over saturated?

lamar frazier says:

With this new update I really think there's nothing to complain about the camera on the pro any more (other than wide angle mode on video) I have the pro and got the update and I'm so happy with the camera, I'm thinking about unstalling Gcam from my phone.

Mohammed Al Ali says:

Nice video … Is it Worthy to upgrade over the Samsung note 9

Keith says:

these reviews set you apart from others man!
very detailed thanks!
glad to know this because mine is arriving soon in almond👌🏻

Sandy9678 says:

Hey, can you please confirm if this 9.5.7 update will be released for the OP7(non-pro) also??
The current software is producing softer photos. Will they fix this issue?

Mateusz Wojtkiewicz says:

That's a really nice change. Quite an improvement. I would pick this phone up if not for the fact I bought a different phone 4 months ago.

David Yoho says:

Bought it on launch.. And have been more than pleased! When it comes to Oem support OnePlus is my go to. 😊

Don Cardo says:

i agree it stackup really well against the iphone

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