OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Review after 2 Weeks!

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Here is my OnePlus 7 Pro Camera review after 2 weeks of use. I thought I would make this video to supplement my OnePlus 7 Pro review that is coming soon to dive deeper into the camera. The OnePlus 7 Camera is great but needs some improvements and I break down all of the good and the bad to see if the OnePlus 7 Pro is worth it. For OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing and Review stay tuned and more OnePlus 7 Pro Camera reviews and OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Test and comparisons coming so subscribe!

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abhinav kumar says:

I think Samsung camera is better…but I prefer to buy OnePlus…

Sherin Omar says:

Thanks a lot for U

Will Newcomb says:

Having viewed a blind testing of 4 smartphones I picked OnePlus 7 Pro and iPhone XS Max as the best overall (not knowing the result for a few days). So yes I'd say it definitely does compete at the top level. No it is not THE best. THE best does not exist. Each flagship smartphone cameras has pluses and minuses, but for the price is say the One Plus it's pretty damn good!

Taco says:

Does switching cameras on snap chat while recording take long?

MasteredTheUniverse says:

Lol the Galaxy boosts the colors way too much. I prefer the OnePlus approach.

sambhav gupta says:

Chinese crap

Mel Christian Imperial says:

I cant believe DxoMark gave this phone a score of 111.

M1710 says:

I got my phone today and I can not emphasize enough how extremely nice this phone feels. The selfie is better than my Galaxy S9+ , except from the colors. Images tend to get on the darker side. So far a fantastic phone.

Gate Crasher UK says:

Good video makes me want to buy S10 👍

zerocool says:

Where is this DXO firmware and will we know when we have it? My ass does is score DXO 111, Ive compared shots with my Note 9 and its hit and miss!

matt Alford says:

Nightscape mode is trash. This phone takes better low light photos without it 99% of the time.

wing man says:

Danny getting that ultra wide view at 0:17

Felix Kuehne says:

Sadly the quality of thr ultrawide is full potato mode

Som Yadav says:

The only problem I see is the audio quality in video… otherwise it seems pretty good to me.

mmj says:

Hey danny plz do a asus zenfone 6 camera review plz

Prabhath M says:

time limit on 4k 60fps video?

Eddie Castillo says:

You sir, earned a new subscriber. First time seeing your vid and enjoyed it.


This is a statement on dxomark website about the OnePlus 7 pro camera "Please note: The camera firmware used for the DxOMark tests is not yet currently available to consumers. OnePlus will make it available as an over-the-air update before the end of the month"

mwilliams9401 says:

Coming from a note 9 i was very dissapointed in the camera. The google camera apk works an 100x better on the 7 pro

Pritam Roy says:

Your kids are so cute 😘😘😘

Rods Start says:

I only love it's screen but the camera sucks

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