Oneplus 7 Pro Camera Review: A Trip to Lalbagh

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Sira tests out the camera on the Oneplus 7 Pro and tests it’s various features, making some friends in the process.

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Tech for Luddites says:

Hope y'all are following me on Twitter so we can watch the Apple Event tonight. 😎

Tamil Maiyam Tv says:


Vatik p says:

Don’t really like your hair style but hmm what can i do ?

Kumar Mayank says:

Still my 2 year old LG V30+ can give a very good competition to this .

GME says:

One thing is sure.. Boycut really suits her 😁😁

Sai Kalyan Ram Chintapalli says:

You are the only Indian YouTuber to doesn't English so perfectly. It was good to listen 😊

Aayush Sharma says:

u awesome 👍.

Varun Korada says:

Next video suggestion_comparison with pixel 3a


Kuch bhi bbolo, s10+ >one plus pro
Samsung is the best
Even the display of 7 pro is given by Samsung 😂😂, now say who wins

Simon says:

Great work … But I still don't be buying the OnePlus 7 pro … They just didn't it right imo , the camera , no video in wide mode , no wireless charging , and I don't like the curved edges .

sudhansu pani says:

Cool collaboration of tech review and tour.. UNIQUE

Akram Hossain says:

I think you are the cutest girl in the world!

iamabhinavsachan says:

You should've used the phone camera to record the audio too!

Antonio Pio Ricciardi says:

Use this coupon to get a discount on accessories with the purchase of a OnePlus Device:

Giancarlo Teodoru says:

Wtf is a Luddite

Efemena Ekwigbedi says:

Samsung have a better camera all round, not just a better ultrawide

Dark Knight says:

Regardless of what mobile you review you look bodacious 😍 😜

ricky sookoo says:

Nice video. From Trinidad and Tobago

Gautam RamMohan says:

Awesome video! How's Samsung camera, is it better all round compared to others

Harish M says:

4:02 Harsh

Kishore S says:

She also doesn't talks about the struggling white balance of images

Kishore S says:

Lol this women has no idea about the picture quality
she says over satured images are better

Kishore S says:

This is just stupidity
The cameras are Sub par
but the reviewers are paid to say good things about it

Vivek Bansal says:

Hi, I really enjoyed watching ur video. I own a One plus 7 pro too but wasn't a proud owner until I watched ur video. I have stayed in Bangalore for around 6 years and this video was quite nostalgic.

Usually I wait 2-3 months for all reviews to come out before buying a phone. But this time I bought it over confidently the very next day of the launch.
Hope One Plus resolves the 2-3 major issues via software update and then I would be convinced that it was a good purchase.

Manish Singh says:

Amazing video quality @4k and the video was informative as well. No idea why it was in my recommendations but you got yourself a sub. The camera is the last thing I really care about, but it's good to know that one plus 7 pro has a decent one. Been using my friend's op7 pro to play games and the experience is just mind-blowing.

Sathish Sathish says:

P30pro will destroy 1+7

Avinash A Bhosale says:

Ur from Bangalore, we can meet someday

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