OnePlus 7 CAMERA REVIEW – Camera of the YEAR?

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Here’s my review of the OnePlus 7 Pro camera, including 4K sample footage, stills and nightscape photos. The pop up front facing camera is one of the best design implementations we’ve seen as it enables a full front facing display. Not to mention, it’s super robust!


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Karl Conrad says:

SO COOL to see some of you at the launch of the OnePlus 7 Pro out in NYC – here's my full camera review and combined with a sleek design, do you think it could be camera of the year? All camera shots were of course on the OP7 and are unedited. Let me know your thoughts!

Abhishek Kulkoor says:

I love one plus 7 pro. But i think it's camara is not as good as Google pixel 3xl. Anyhow if we see the design and processor I will choose one plus 7. Thank you

Break Age says:

Awesome camera, no exaggerated colors, real life colors.

K Shiva says:

Brother i want to become a photographer and i don't have plus 7 pro camera is great performance so please give me bro

khallody1/ خلودي/ says:

والله الجوال رهييييييب 😍🔥

John Valencia says:

I'm in love in OnePlus 7

miguel casing says:

Damn if you think about it 3years later phone could probably be used as a camera for films. Theyre as almost as good as dslrs

Leena Rai says:

Absolutely Fabulous Video Thank you very much

Akhil Sethumadhavan says:

You are one of the most underrated tech youtuber

Abhijith Rajeev says:

Best camera and over all performance you get at that price range! A complete package 💙!

Kulowts says:

Loving this phone more. This is the one I want to win on ur giveaway. I hope I win :>

Carmilla Wong says:

Great smartphone overall….never disappoint, never settle. 😉

Triple_X TPX says:

I never doubt One plus product because they always have a surprise for us especially in the Camera and Speed department 😉👌👍

Bharat Maheshwari says:

Can we see slow mo samples too?

MTG Productions says:

Awesome video as always Karl🔥🔥

Matet Garcia says:

The camera is still lacking compare to other devices in the market. But the OxygenOS is still the smoothest and fastest skin for android. And kudos for Oneplus for that. Great content as always Karl.👌

T.A.G - The Average Guy says:

Yes yes yes! I love the ultra wide lens.

Parminder Singh says:

You better not be eating food like that on any day other than your chest day!

Prochorus Rai says:

Such a great video thanks

Wiebe Mulder says:

Amazing Vid!

Just call Me Jul says:

I'm waiting for this video! Great content as always keep it up!

Bedan Bajgai says:

Good killerr

kuriakose jim says:

Hahaha 2:05
Huawei……..not anymore

cloud dasillo says:

can you vlog in pixel 3a?

Vishnu Hari says:

Ooh..i never knew tht u would give away your product to India 😔😔

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