OnePlus 6T vs iPhone XS Max: In-Depth Camera Test Comparison

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In this video, I conduct an in-depth review of the cameras found on the OnePlus 6T and the iPhone XS (Max). The XS Max has easily one of the best smartphone camera systems to date, but with a price of $1100, is it worth it. Will the $550 OnePlus 6T’s camera simply get dominated by the XS Max, or will it actually give it a run for its money? Watch this video to see side-by-sides in various lighting conditions both indoors and outdoors. Also watch and listen as I test both the front and rear video and audio capabilities of the phones. Stick around to the end of the video to see how the 6T’s night mode performs in really low lighting.

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MiTechGuy says:

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ah mat says:

3:08 iPhone more close than 6T not fair

TechnoFreak says:

iOS really needs a Pro mode in it's camera app

William Torre says:

I love that you are managing school and vids I really want to go to mit hopefully I can!

Ted says:

The XS over exposed a bit but did better in most areas. It's about $50 better than the 6t

Radu Verdes says:

Great review as always, congratulations ! Please use Cortex camera for iPhones in low light for next reviews , the difference in colours and details is astounding.

Pseftopoulos Apostolos says:

Watching on my oneplus 6T maclaren

jelloMadison says:

Great video. Subscribing because so sexy and sexy voice. Iphone is just superior and better in photo and video. This video really does show the difference in the quality, other than in night time, where Iphone doesn't have a comparable mode to night sight. The mic is just awful on 6T, it just picks up everything. The price is very nice on the 6T though.

Marquez Reyes says:

OnePlus 6t is for people that can’t afford the iPhone 👀🤣🤣

Moses Ilongeni says:

Okay at the audio of the video on front camera you tripped the audio on the one plus killed the iPhone

Bishal gurung says:

Can u do the OnePlus 6T with Gcam?

Gopakumar.g Gopu says:

6T cheap and best

NeverDie GT says:

Watching on OP6T in Cambodia

Aditi Yadav says:

want 6t😭😭😭😭😭😭

Rajesh Panika says:

Oneplus 6t best phone

Logang Paulers sub now says:


Snehil Ojha says:

Xs is best, anyway haters are gonna hate but deep we all know apple is the best.

Thenoncrapulentfool says:

Nice and objective comparison. You are pretty much bang on with your assessment and that is why I am watching this on my OP6T. The iPhone is a better device but yes not twice as good.
I do hope they sort out the audio on the OP6T selfie camera and improve the Night Scape mode with software updates. I like that saturated video myself but can see why maybe the purists, pro editors would go for the IPhone.

Anik Jnu says:

No one can beat iphone!!always

Shahed Rasul says:

yes note 9 vs 6t camera plz do a cpmparison.

Manvendra Singh says:

Watching on my OnePlus 6t

Tech GB says:

6T 's front video recording with audio is way bttr than X

Ulysse says:

Photos: OnePlus 6T
Video: iPhone Xs

Tricky Talk says:

Xs max litearally costs twice? From where you purchased it? In my country XS Max costs 4 times cost of OP6T lol.

rocky 123 says:

Iphone is a joke
Apple fanboys are jokers

Anurag Sharma says:

Clearly the best camera comparison i have watched till now

phil brown says:

Most of the photos on the 6t
Looks better to me but video looked a bit strange colour wise

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