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Which has the Best Camera? OnePlus 6T vs iPhone XS Camera Comparison! How does the $550 OnePlus 6T compare to the $999 iPhone XS? I’ve taken the 6T and XS around New York for a day to find out!

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André Vilela says:

That just seems love on Apple…

Muhammad kp says:

Who is better??

Beau Mancini says:

Apple phones are phones for women. They are literally designed in post processing to hide imperfections. Which.. Of course is even after make-up and the filters on top of the filters already added so.

Ivan Branković says:

hahaah even when you say 10s wins i like some pictures from 6t more 😀

s hudson says:

better camera on 6t and better video on xs

Ernesto Torres says:

Do you use manual mode cause mine doesn't look that great compared to my girls iPhone 7 plus

The direction says:

A lot of people from One plus industry commenting, some sort of abusing iphones…😂

edgy spaghetti says:

Is it just me or does he prefer every photo that came out worse lol

A.R. Rehman says:

you could port google camera in 6T. duh!!!!

ZM says:

OnePlus 6T seems shaky during walking footage isn't it?

Hendy Angga says:

Video & bokeh iphone xs win, normal photo & low light no much different. I watch on my galaxy S9+😂

dalila channel says:

iPhone xr more how expensive one plu, the quality worst.

Twell609 says:

He tried hard to side with the iPhone

Mirza Md Abu Yousuf Rifat Beg says:

Nice review

H e y z a l A m e r i c a says:

Damn the 6T looks incredible though!!!! I think I might get it. I was thinking about getting the Pixel 3 but I mean I could always buy some lenses for the phone.

John Bow says:

6t , s9 or note9? Help 🙂

caffeinelife says:

After watching this video twice and seeing how often you mentioned preferring a 6T photo, I'm struggling to understand how the iPhone is "significantly" better.

I have both of these phones, as the iPhone is for work. In my experience the 6Tb is better. I also have a pixel camera port which takes amazing pics with the 6T.

There is nothing wrong with either camera, but I won't buy iPhone anymore because Android camera's are simply better.

SteelingCow says:

6t looks more natural

The Girl Next Door 96 says:

I think that for selfie and portrait mode IPhone is the best phone in the market.
But if we talk about taking photo to things and not people there are so many smartphones that can be compared to iPhone!
P20 in particular is the best in night mode!

Captain Smoke says:

Iphone with white filter

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