OnePlus 6T Camera Comparison vs OP6 vs Mate 20 Pro vs Pixel 3

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Review and comparison of the OnePlus 6T camera tech with the original OnePlus 6, plus the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Pixel 3/3 XL. How has OnePlus evolved its camera tech and features from the OP6 for the OnePlus 6T, and is this fresh mobile as strong for photo and video capture as the Google Pixel 3 and Huawei’s mighty Mate 20 Pro?

The best way of testing a smartphone camera’s grunt is by comparing it to the very best mobile snapper rivals. That’s why I’ve been reviewing the OnePlus 6T’s photography prowess alongside the already very good OnePlus 6, the tri-lens Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and the highly rated Pixel 3 phones.

At a quick glance of the specs, you’ll see the OnePlus 6T’s camera hardware is the same as the OP6 – a 16MP primary lens and 20MP secondary lens, both f/1.7 aperture, complete with optical image stabilisation to keep things sharp. However, the photo and video results are noticeably different.

You can once again shoot 4K video on the OnePlus 6T, like the single-lens Pixel 3 and triple-lens Mate 20 Pro, although the new 6T can do it at 60FPS. All of these phones boast Portrait Mode camera smarts, while the OnePlus and Huawei phones also have a dedicated night mode.


dharkbizkit says:

5:15 this is my regular experience with the cam on the op6. noise galore on every spot, that isnt directly lit. look at the guy on the bench and the people on the left side. even most photos look that way on my phone. coming from a galaxy s6, iam disappointed with the cam of the op6

Cristian Spiridon says:

Mate 20 pro in photo is nr 1 by far. I hope everyone brings that wonderful wide angle lens 😁

gooldii1 says:

Other Valaki???

Social Bombers says:

Great video you can do One plus 6t with Google pixel camera Port vs mate 20 pro thanks 🤔🎉😉

Tresvigint says:

The blink change between photo hurt eyes…

Adhi Dear says:

plz do comparison between xiaomi mi mix 3 vs honor magic 2 camera & between one plus 6t & honor magic 2

Jose Rioseco says:

Hi Chris. Loving your vids.
Is there any chance you can do a Mate 20 vs Mate 20 pro camera comparison as the cameras between these handsets are different, please.

Ricco123tube says:

Any chance of comparing the cameras of the Oneplus 6t and the original Pixel xl? I want to upgrade my pixel but comparisons don’t take into account that many like me want to know if its actually worth it.

Nagavamshi Budharapu says:

Single lens camera destructed both dual and triple lens 😆

johan rojas says:

Mate 20 pro el mejor del año 2018😎

Basant Munghate says:

iPhone xs is king

Ganbly says:

Go for the pixel 3, the best camera of all. You'll be amazed by how consistent the camera is. I have returned the Huawei Mate 20 Pro because my Pixel 2 took better and way more impressive photos… so here I am , back to Pixel 2. My next phone? Pixel 3, pixel camera and photo quality is so much better.

Márty says:

Note 9 , S10 🙂

Freddan0 says:

The horrible flashing transition you have added here and there makes it completely impossible to compared the photos.

Vatsal Modi says:

Verified account tick coming soon for sure on your account. Thumbs up for the details.

Arman M says:

Mate 20 pro killed them all this year..

Onyeka Emmanuel says:

Please I'm thinking of buy either the galaxy s9 plus or the oneplus 6t ( the s9 plus slightly cheaper) but I want a phone that won't lag, better performance and stand the test of time, which should I buy?

край неба палає says:

OnePlus 6T – scheiße

Dr. Jacob says:

I know you work hard , But your video doesn't actually looks good , when we watch camera comparison video you must show images simultaneously , but you didn't shown that

fυи мαѕтι says:

Mate 20pro… U know I dump Oneplus 6t for You mate ☺

mralan1969uk says:

Mad how the P20 Pro had the best camera and a week later it doesn't get a mention…

Ygor Cortes says:

How come you totally ignored the Pixel's night mode? 😱

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