OnePlus 5T VS DSLR Camera Comparison | Side by side Video Comparison

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Here is the side by side camera comparison test between the OnePlus 5t and a DSLR camera Canon 200D.

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D.K.T tech says:

Let's see which camera wins.

GamerBoy Pervert007 says:

Camera A because it has really good stablization

My__ Strongerrr says:

bodohnya keling tah apa kau buat comparison mcm bodoh

ImYona says:

apne 200d use kiya pr apko picture leni nahi aati mere pass 200d nahi h pr muje malom h agr 1200d ise achi pics leta h toh 200toh aur achi leta hoga

Khalsa SINGH says:

One plus 5t have good camera than dslr

All Father says:

Were u paid by oneplus or u did it expecting returns……????

Akash Dhyani says:

Was this video shot in rishikesh ..?? I could see mountains behind..

Mohit Madhe says:

Camera A wins for me. And I hope it's one plus 5t

Akram Nawab says:

A oneplus clear winer

Ariful Khan says:

one plus 5t

Abhishek Bage says:

OP5T. ❤❤❤

Praveen Kumar Kola says:

Nice compassion sir

Trend moto says:

I felt camera A is dslr still the video end 😂😂… But one plus 😍😍 awesome…

Sivaguru Nathan says:

Is this true 5t is better than dslr can't believe bcos I own a op5 but can't compare with dslr
Even Samsung 9+ cannot match dslr

Sivaji Sanapala says:

You mean to say that better go with 5T than DSLR. How do you even compare them. Do you really think all DSLR makers and users are senseless or what. Please, stop making these kinda comparisons.

gyandeep sarangi says:

I own a Oneplus 5, Oneplus 5t, a mobile gimbal and a canon 600D, (have a lot of interest in photography)and I can clearly tell that there has been a lot of post processing done to the pictures.
As far as the video is concerned, the mobile sample has been taken with a gimbal, while there has been intentional shakes introduced in the DSLR sample(I use the DSLR a lot and never have I got this much camera shake).
It seems like this guy is blindly trying to bias us in favour of OnePlus 5t.
It might help sail someone else's boat, but not mine buddy.
Cheers !

Sahil Gurav says:

One plus 5t

Pushpank Anmol says:

The main thing is dslr is never made to work to be used in auto mode.and the phones have a AI to make the picture more attractive….in the video stabilization case the video stabilization in 5t is digital so it looks better but i dont understand the dslr part as i use it myself and it looked like the optical stabilizer was off… Not a proper comparison

Rjpunk Dazz says:

Proud to be an user of One plus 5T..!!!

Rishi Satapathy says:

Better than DSLR!!

Rohan Kadam says:

One plus is way better than any dslr and soon the op6 is launching so dslr users ur age of capturing pics is gone coz we are here #op6 😎

Manav Bhavsar says:

Sir weren't you using a gimbal in image stabilization video of camera A.

chandu ki vines says:

OnePlus 5t win😈😈😈😈

Samar Hamal says:

Dont ever try to mess one plus stabilisation


Omg I thought DSLR was a

Tausif Shaikh says:

One plus 5t is killer phone.
HANDS OFF TO ONE PLUS 5T 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👍👍👍👍👌👌.

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