Olympus u7010 Digital Camera Review

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The Olympus u7010 digital camera is ultra-slim, a really nice combination of features and design. It offers very detailed and clean photos, even in lower light conditions. Check out the review.

Manufacturer: http://www.olympus.co.uk/

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SC8ter Rider says:

Hi sir i would like to request to have a review on OLYMPUS u7020 if you have a unit. Thanks!

Geekanoids says:

@drawmusicanime Glad the video helped. Thanks for your comment.

Corinne Diether says:

thank you wanted to know if it came with a battery charger and now i know yes!!!
thanks again ^_^

Dolfandad79 says:

I agree, I am a subscriber to many people here on youtube but only your videos have an add at the beginning. Usually about a 15sec spot, which is from Geico. I thought you agreed to that but by your response it seems you are in surprise. i would check into it because I do find it bothersome too. Love the reviews, keep up the good work dave!

Crimsonmachinima says:

He cant remove them
Since he has a partnership with youtube, they put them there

Geekanoids says:

Which commercials are you seeing at the beginning, I see none. You response would be appreciated.

criox12 says:

you need to take the commercials off of the beginning of your videos. I hate watching them now. I don't mind the little ones that come up from the bottom though.

Geekanoids says:

Yes, with my first batch of videos (with the green screen), I messed the camera placing a little. It will be much better placed in the October videos onward.

TheJakemp says:

move your autocue to the middle

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