Olympus SP-565UZ Digital Camera Review

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Digital cameras are two-a-penny nowadays, well not quite, but there are a lot to choose from. The Olympus SP-565UZ has some really nice features that make it stand out. Check out the video review and sample photos at http://geekanoids.co.uk Any Amazon links that appear in the video description are affiliate links. They do not alter the price you pay. Geekanoids earns a small commission on each sale.


Sofia Thompson says:

would you recommend this camera as a youtube recording camera ?

deskcorner says:

why is my 565uz doesn't record sound , i try the menu , but it doesn't help .

bruce fernandez says:

What name of battery?

Angie4Ps says:

i have this camera!is awesome!!

Denikk Jurcsik says:

Great … Great…. but what about quality?
Is it worth it to buy this camera instead of the Fuji S1600?
This one is a little bit more expansive then the Fuji and i'm on limit.
If someone of you knows if it's worth it please respond.

Denikk Jurcsik says:

@Lew747 get a battery charger with 4 slots for 20$….

Geekanoids says:

@aashiq55 Good comment, thanks.

Rachael Burrows says:

i prefer the Canon sx20is and yes it takes AA as well but I have rechargeable and if I'm in a jam I can pick up some regular AA without having to wait for a battery to charge.

i had camera with the stick rechargeable battery but of the power goes out or ur nowhere near an outlet when ur cam dies u can't take any more pics at least if u have regular AA's just in case u can still take pics but that's my personal preference

Geekanoids says:

According to Olympus it will record 640 x 480 / 30 fps max.

marcoscb2009 says:

u look like gollum…..9 (the guy from tlotr)

Geekanoids says:

This will not record video in HD.

solihinX says:

sorry to ask but can this thing record video and if it could that…. must be in HD mode eh?

tipoomaster says:

All the previous cameras in the SP series were agonizingly slow, and had middle of the road image quality at best. I hope this one fixes most of the issues with the new 590UZ, i realy wanted to like this camera!

de cc says:

what are the focus specifications for that camera, I´ve been told it has a manual focus, if so, how is that? using that "ring" on the lenses? please answer

Lewis Lang says:

I cant believe this takes 4 AA batteries, thats a bit of a let down for me 🙁

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