Olympus PEN E-PL2 Digital Camera Full Review

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Olympus PEN E-PL2 Digital Camera Full Review.

Smugmug gallery of E-PL2 photos

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Erwin Heryana says:

permission please I want to make a list of 4 Mobile content, I will list your channel name at the bottom, Thank you 😇

Edward Moises Udtohan says:

how to fix my camera issue is please check your lens

Annie Bao Bao says:

I have this camera 😀

David Cordero says:

Luigi vlogs buscando camara!

Luis Montoya says:

Micro SD not bring?

mariuszkrw says:

Very good test:)

Geekanoids says:

@rumvodkaf1 Mine always seemed fine.

rumvodkaf1 says:

Anyone with the white version know if the plastic is prone to discoloration or gets dirty easily?

TheMercyl3ss1 says:

Lmfaoooo! WTF?! I was interested in getting one, but I never actually seen it in person. Only after watching this vid did I truly realize how ugly, cheap, & fck'n tacky this mic looks! Ahah #FAIL

Samm B. says:

hello man, does it do panorama mode, and does the gf2 do this too ?

f50koenigg says:

@ecartman12 the original price is $599 but I saw some selling $549

Eric Carter says:

how much money does this camera cost now?

rocket1918 says:

@TheGodlyAsian I'm in the same boat.

Geekanoids says:

@MARSOC754 It does not have true Macro features out of the box, though it does have a macro mode. You can by an add-on lens filter dedicated to this camera for around £50 which looks really great.

Michael Bellia says:

Thank you so this was a great review! I was wondering how is the macro capabilities of this camera?

Geekanoids says:

@Caram3lLov33 Olympus sell their own range, I would check the Olympus website.

nothing to see here. move along. says:

why are you wearing the same outfit in every video? LOL just sayin.

SquirrelFromGradLife says:

So its termed a micro four thirds camera because the body is nice and compact and you can change the lens…LOL..

whatcanidoiloveyou says:

great camera,i like the red model better!

waleed al twairqi says:

رvery nice review …it's a cool camera 🙂

Ceterafan123 says:

@davomrmac I really, really love retro unboxings/reviews!

XxHardcorexxGamerxX says:

you didn't put any sample images you've taken in your video…

PhuckYo Faves says:

Another great review Dave! 😀

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