Olympus MJU 35mm Point and Shoot Review in Los Angeles

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Thank you to Barnardos for sponsoring this video, check out their eBay store here: http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/barnardoscharity/film-photography.html

Olympus auction: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Olympus-mju-1-35mm-Compact-Film-Camera-35mm-1-3-5-Lens-251-/174098296951?hash=item2889113077

Cameras we shot:
Olympus MJU / Olympus Stylus

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Video recorded on Sony A6500, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro

Music by Chris Punsalan: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisPunsalanTV

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SquareFive says:

Found the mju zoom (stylus zoom) when I was in California and bought it in a thrift store. It's a surprisingly good camera. 👍

Daniel Fjäll says:

Been hoarding up on these for a couple of years now waiting for them to take off. More videos like this please!

Jor Cap says:

Everybody on ebay looking for this camera rn

RyanOVieira says:

I bought this camera for 5$ at a thrift store

The Don DeLuxe says:

There's a totally luggxurious version of this camera called the LT-1. It's has a built in faux leather cladding. Pretty sweet.

Arthur Boyd says:

Damn George is out here nurturing vulnerable children and our YouTube recommended

Outta Stock says:

UK shipping only… * cries in european *

darkNtin says:

Too bad mine just broke

ozzy. dippii says:

i Just got this camera and wanted a review of you! perfect timing, love from germany

The Don DeLuxe says:

The lens is pretty great. But the auto focus is kinda rubbish, like most Olympus point 'n' shoots. So I guess F3.5 is an advantage in that sense, heh.

d d says:

more greenscreen please

Jack byrd says:

It's not the camera it's the man behind the camera that takes the great shot hope you have a great day great show.

Ferenc Bodor says:

really missed this.

Wisuda Dwipana says:

The hype make the price is 'unreal', especially in asia (Indonesia) and it's quite hard to find the camera in a good condition

Victor says:

Do Barnardos ship to Europe?

cesar cordero says:

Love ya George!

Banananana Toomoe says:

I found one in a charity shop for essentially free, felt bad about it so i ended up giving them extra. pretty nice performer, especially for something you can yeet across the room and not care too much

Authentic Aesthetic says:

Damn this is cool

Jan Kubát says:

Am I really first?

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