Olympus Mju 300 Digital Compact Camera Review

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http://www.robnunnphoto.com/ It may be a little long in the tooth, but the Olympus mju 300 Digital could be the perfect camera to have in your pocket all the time. Its weather resistant, tough, and hey, if it breaks or you lose it, just buy another!

(This one cost me £5!)

Thanks, Rob.


Prakash Theli says:

Hi Olympus mju 400 camera battery review post me bro pls

Ajay Sharma says:

How can on thise cmara

chetan bhurke says:

Hi I am from India I have this camera.

Mouad Dini says:

Hi sorry i need driver :/ for connect for my pc ?

Eurika v. says:

Can you take videos with it?

Lee Turnbull says:

I've just picked up one of these today at the carboot with cards for £1. It needs a charge up but looks great. The video was useful. Thanks

Cathy Doorten says:

i still have this camera. It is the only one i have and use. It takes beter photo's then my smartphone.

I only must take the battery out because the thing before the lens opens when it is in my pocket or in the camera case.

I have a usb cabel to upload photo's from my camera into my computer. I think it came with the camera when it bought it in The Netherlands

sangarp2001 says:

Although it is only 3.2mpixel, it takes better quality picture them 12mpixel cameras do.

bertoez says:

wow, that was my very first digital camera….

wakeandsee says:

hi, do you have to use a card reader to transfer photos to computer?

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