Olympus E420 and E520 review by What Digital Camera magazine

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Matt Golowczynski of What Digital Camera magazine compares the Olympus E420 and E520 DSLRs.

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adj channel says:

olympus e 420 camera I can't write off, how is the solution please help me if you can, thank you!

Lake Servers says:

babble b abble babble

propfella says:

Wot, no video?

George Cassar says:

it`s not that better.

Neil Barker says:

what settings to I have to use for macro with a samyang 500mm lens. I am new to this type of camera/photography & flying blind here.

kisznik says:

gadaj po polsku. nie wstydź się.

gercast82 says:

@mrimproviser I just bought the E-420 last week. Awesome piece of camera. And the quality of the photos are just great. I wasn't so sure to buy it at first, but after downloading the manual from the internet and check what the camera can do (e-420) I decided to buy it. For me, it's my first DSLR and I'm more than happy.

Shadreezy says:

I regret getting my nikon

ophirdog says:

I've been very happy with my Olympus 510. I'm also impressed with how light and compact the new Olympus 4/3 lenses are..

vrcraft says:


I printed buss size prints with the output from this camera. You can always super sample and with the current software is more logic to do it, than having a 25MP camera who takes 25MB raw pictures. Just as example, for what you can do and how much crap is in the market.

vrcraft says:


Because of the Canon/Nikon marketing machines who throw crap at everybody trying to channel the buyers to them, the only two options ! That's what they try to do on the market to make you believe that if it's not a canon, then is a Nikon, when you buy a camera and vice versa.
I played with Nikon and Canon and ended up using Olympus as it is truly a better camera and a better system, better lens, better built, cheaper, lighter, better colors, better users, not mediocre fellas.


the 420 is better when you're smoking marijuana 420 aww yeeee

mooseling1 says:

I have a panasonic tz10 and am thinking of buying this. Ignore his at 0.44 about A3 size prints. I have printed with a 10mp photo not saved in RAW up to 33 inches, by 24 inches. And it looks fine.

Dgone says:

thanks for the response ^^

vrcraft says:

Hey folks, and Leica also has 4/3 bodies and lens. The smaller sensor story is crap made up by competition and biased websites. The 4/3 has a better shape than APS-C and so, you won-t have to crop the image much and the color aberrations are smaller. The 4/3 sensor is sharper, inf act as it's lens. Images from APS-C sensors need a lot of cropping, while 4/3 are a lot better. So, from a 15 MP aps-c sensor you'll end up using 10-12mp, while on 4/3 a good chance to use it all. Also with more height

vrcraft says:


No, is not OUT OF DATE. Olympus, like Leica, doesn't build cameras on conveyor belts like the others. The system is future proof and what's the point on flooding the market with tons of models, like nikon,canon,sony. Olympus is on another level, where quality is more important. Just go to a shop and touch all of the systems there. The photos you take, depends on you, but I can say, Olympus is quality. You also, need to know how to use it !

Dgone says:

thank you soo much for the response ^^ now i understand

Dgone says:

i am a digital photographer.. a newbie i might say. I <3 photography.. many ideeas.. shitty hardware.. iwant to buy a E520 .. is it as that bad as they say? like.. OUT OF DATE? the price is prty low thats why im buying it!

Jonas H. says:

I Ordered it on monday…hopefully it'll come tomorrow ( saturday )…

WorldView says:

does anybody know how to remove (yes, remove!) the annoying strap lugs from the camera body? Can i unscrew them??

Positronic says:

hey, if you're crazy loaded buy a hasselblad 😉


since the 520 is new i would go with that one

the reasale of the 420 will drop crazy

or just buy an E-3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and 14-35 2.0 and 35-100 2.0

if your crazy loaded pick up the 90-250 2.8 also then you would have the best lens and camera and 10k less in your pocket

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