Olympus E410 camera review by What Digital Camera

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Olympus E410 camera review by What Digital Camera magazine

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prince hussain says:

Xcuse me sir this camera is flashing too much any idea

Łukasz Leda says:

crap video quality can see pixels only

luka skaro says:

Can it shoot a video?

Connor Swift says:

Can you please tell me if this camera can shoot video?


Good Day all,

I just got this as a gift but I am illiterate to camera. Is there anybody that can help to find some documentations how to use it especially the lens and stuff

Thanks All

YorumiTech says:

89 my ass, in the e520 video its 86 %

CountessOfMacabria says:

I love how small it is. 🙂

bymacorg says:

cool camera! i love it! And this camera is great for Time Lapse Photography too! you just need this device: tempusALL.bymac.org
I got very professional time-lapse videos with camera! cool sunset videos!

Art Models says:

I need to get a new camera and I dont want to spend a fortune thanks for the info

Jules. Verne. says:

Pro-DSLR owners,RELATIVITY with CMOS Sensors.Yes,the More MegaPixels the more Resolution you get from your CMOS BUT NOT your Colour Accuracy. As you increase the Pixel Density of your CMOS Sensor in Highier MegaPixel DSLR's your Colour Accuaracy DROPS in Lab Instrument Tested results,check PopPhoto.com .Effective 6.1 & 10.2 Megapixel CMOS Sensors may sound Ancient Today. But their larger Format 1.6to2.7 MP/cm^2 Large Pixels results in Lab Tests of 7.66 to 7.9Colour Accuracies.Newer DSLR Less 6.0

Vero V says:

but can you move the lens to focus?!?!!?

ScotPhotography says:

@Fr4Nkl31 monochrome

Fr4Nkl31 says:

anyone knows how to take a black and whtie photo with this camera?

TheBlinkProject says:

I enjoyed watching your video. I also subscribed so I can watch more. Please be sure to subscribe to mine as well. youtube.com/user/blinkphotogalleries

R. Paes says:

This camera is comparable to a Rebel XS, as the E-520 is comparable to the Rebel XSI… the E-620 is quite good, but I think in the end, Canon owns anything at consumer / semi-pro level.

WorldView says:

Is it true that E410 has better image quality (more detail) in ISO 1600 than the E-30 (provided you turn Noise filter OFF and reduce sharpness to -2)?

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