Olympus E3 Digital SLR review by What Digital Camera

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Olympus E3 Digital SLR camera review by What Digital Camera magazine http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com

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Arihant Arya says:

You would not believe, but im still killing it with this beast, 12 years later

Fèlix says:

240p we meet again…
It's been a long time honestly

Dionesia Manguiob says:

Olympus E-450 video review trailer magazine and photo

Michael Angel says:

somewhat outdated camera…

Jolanda Iridea says:

Good afternoon! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (search on google)? My friend Daniel made some very incredible photography with their video tutorials.

Jeff Peccato says:

Still counting megapixels?
Have you ever seen the superb results made with the Olympus E-1 (5MP)?
It 's the Quality of the sensor that makes the picture, just like the quality of the film (used to) matter when photographing with 'analogue' devices.
Remember when choosing a camera that you also choose the sensor – for the lifetime of the camera…

vrcraft says:


Cause you don't quite need more. If you shot raw 10MP means 10MB, so 100 pictures means 1GB and that's much must of the time. The jpeg of a 10MP DSLR is around 5.5-8.5mb at higher quality.
So, taknig that into consideration, about 10 to max14 MP are more than enough for all sort of prints. Anything above is just marketing and I tell you cause I printed large scale, truck size prints from 10MP's without problems.
Also this camera is more than 3 years old now, bust still OK.

curtismichael14 says:

@awesome87 i already know why its expensive,it is weather proof,and it has a nice alloy body,and i think i'm going to buy it

curtismichael14 says:

@minh0204 whos whining?

MinhMusique says:

@curtismichael14 Why the heck is that Nikon D3s so expensive? It has *only* 12 megapixel. My Sony has 14 megapixel and I got it for free.

Quit whining.

MinhMusique says:

@curtismichael14 Why the heck that Nikon D3s is so ridiculously expensive? It has *only* 12.1 megapixels.

curtismichael14 says:

@WhatDigitalCamera is that why most dslr's are expensive?, cause i see low mega pixle cameras for like $500-$1500

Amateur Photographer TV says:

@curtismichael14 The sensor is just one component among hundreds. This is a pro camera, so one of the main costs is the pro build quality – magnesium alloy body on an aluminium chassis, for example, as opposed to plastic. Also, all the dials and buttons are sealed against dust and moisture so you can shoot in heavy rain or hostile conditions with less risk of damage. All moving components will be suitable for heavy usage and tested to withstand at least 100,000 exposures.

curtismichael14 says:

why is this camera so expensive?, its only 10 mega pixles

Larsschmidt14 says:

Hey take the potato out of your mouth when talking… It would make it a lot easyer for non-english-speakers to understand…

geonlansis says:

I like this camera because it produce sharp images, very fast auto focusing, rugged looking (looks are important too don't deny it), tough and weatherproof and the cream of the feature – 5 stops of IS. But this camera does fall short in the ISO department.

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