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We got our hands on the NEW Sony a7R IV for just long enough to make this preview. We will be working on a full REVIEW as soon as possible but wanted to share the top-level specs along with my thoughts asap.

This is a 61 megapixel camera that Sony says has “medium formate” quality…. Though I can’t tell you if it actually does, the big question is was this camera even needed since the a7R III was still pretty new.

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Jared Polin says:

Was this camera needed? Are you excited???

Iftyyy says:

Can i shoot 1080p 120fps on a7r iv?

Disaster says:

looks like half of the design is ripped from canon, but that's good

Raymond Pan says:

That's a Z6 body!!! Then later the Z8 will get this chip set.

Ronan Rogers says:

$1000 cheaper and I’m interested

Rafeeq Abdulhadi says:

Thanks Jared !

Nathan Thach says:

Did anyone ask you at the event, "Do you even lift bro?"

l kl says:

Sony just put Nikon fanboys way back few years lol…

Dylan Slater says:

Awesome the a7r iii is going to get less expensive!

JB says:

If I had an r2 I would be upgrading right now. I have an r3 though, so I guess I’ll be that guy in the corner taking pictures with my r3 . . .

of the r4

Bell Family says:

For me $1500. With lens on is right price. Men is still to much for me

Chris Schultz says:

Another great video, as always straight and to the point. Helped me to decide to start saving for this camera. Thanks for all you do, keep up the great work!

Jb Mars says:

Needed for consumers who will use this specs. Every gear is not for everyone, for sure you’ll buy for your need. Haters just cannot accept the fact SONY is killing the mirrorless camera game.

R.Derrick Thomas says:

This is an interesting addition to the Sony lineup but it does beg the question as to their target audience given that the A9 is older. There are still supposed to be three additional cameras released in the next two months so the new A7SIII may be next.
The true tests will be the focus performance with their Sony lens lineup and how it handles those pixel-shift files. I am disappointed the touch screen is still awkward and unavailable at critical times when shooting in burst mode.

michael p says:

CFexpress all the things 🎯

William Canady says:

Jared, I follow you on YouTube, and I think you are a very knowledgeable and experienced camera aficionado. But there is one fact you failed to mention about this camera and that is: this could be the camera that kills Nikon and canon in one cell swoop. If the camera,at its price point, is even close to what it's specs say it can deliver, though I have nothing but Nikon gear, I will be changing to this camera with the quickness. I look forward to a more in depth review on this camera soon.

Florian Froschmayer says:

Looking forward to this Chip being inside of a Nikon Z Body!

michaejlt says:

Other then the Sony "A9" couple of years ago…Sony always finds away to put out an half-baked camera that is totally useless. Forget this camera and let's move on to the next piece of expensive garbage from Sony! Better yet…take the 61MP sensor out of Sony's A7R IV, and put it in the latest Cannon, or Nikon cameras and they will do a better job with it.

Iggy nor says:

I thought the D850 sensor was produced by an Israeli company

Hey There says:

your exasperation at Sony not getting all their shit together for a new product pushing almost $3800 with most state sales tax was visible. Maybe you and the other top Youtube photogs should form a consulting group and advise these corporate chuckleheads on how to build cameras correctly. On the other hand, how'd you get a New York City carry permit for those guns?

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