Official Review! Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera

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We tested the new Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera on outdoor trips and weddings. Here are the results and our advice on this camera.

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SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials says:

In this review, Matt gives his 5 pros (2:46) and 5 cons (7:17) for the new Canon EOS R. See the full review and more sample images on our website:

Mark Shirley says:

Canon please release a version with 120fps in 1080p please.

Lokoi Entertainment says:

Is eos r slow motion effect ?

Asal Al Awsi says:

Can i ask you which camera better in both video&photo canon eos r or Sony a7iii?

Ricardo T. says:

Also, you did not mention how heavy and big those new lenses are in comparison with Sony, Nikon. In therms of heaviness they are almost double the weight.

Ricardo T. says:

where is the full size files to evaluate image quality? The size you showed us even with an iPhone I can achieve them.

Bassem Morcos says:

I'm facing problem with the EOS R, I am using the canon adapter with EF lenses which is:
24-70mm 2.8 II, 70-200mm 2.8 II, 16-35mm 2.8 III
when using AF tracking with zooming in and out my camera keep freezing and I have to either turn Off/On or unmount the lens and mounting it back to get it to work and this is happening with every zoom lens I have. did you have same issue or just me?

Amol Sangekar says:

Does it compare to 5d mark4 in terms of acquiring focus in servo mode for birds in flight? I've read that it's slower in locking onto the subjects

Michael Frymus says:

Will there be a pro version?

Nizar Noor says:

Bought it recently. Loving it. Now Canon needs to release more non-L RF lenses.

ketan gondaliya says:

Not HD live supported

Michael Reif says:

Canon EOS R needs IBIS the most.

Smoky mountain Boys says:

I would absolutely love to have one

Ever Hernandez says:

Why would anyone want to deal with adapters???? Plus no dual card slots and you call this a professional camera. 😂😂😂 love my Sony A7riii way better camera than this and thank god I jumped ship from cannon. ✌🏽

Cars an Cameras says:

Every single negative you mention in Canonsbown words is bcuz they didn't create a dedicated processor. It would overheat in full frame 4k, overheat writing to dual slots, overheat & lag buffer at 10fps in continuous using AF. Unfortunately all they had to do is use the 1DXmii processor…right? Well then EOSR would compete against 1DX for sales & Canon wouldn't allow it. Its all about prioritizing what's important to you as a Company. It is upsetting tho knowing using 1DXmii processor would not even add additional cost for R&D, woukd have solved all issues & yet still they said…nope

Stephen Moniaga says:

5d mark 4 has slight better picture and dynamic range , but i think eos R produces sharper image due the flange distance between lens and sensor

Paul LaNoue says:

A serious cinema shooter isn’t going to any camera designed for stills. They will use professional cinema cameras that are designed for video from the ground up.

Kai S says:

Lol this camera is a JOKE. Why would anyone in the their RIGHT MIND go and spend $2300 when you can get A LOT better quality and capability for $2000? I sold all my Canon gear last week and bought the Sony A7iii. I am not saying the canon doesn't give good images, YES it does! but So does the Sony a7iii except the Sony has much more to offer with less cost. I made a mistake listening to biast reviews like this that does not highlight the problems of the camera, does not show real tests, does not compare it to the market. Do not waste your money PEOPLE!

JumpClickClick says:

My EOS R arrived, and I find that I can't use it for my work at all because of the ergonomics issue. Tried putting the camera to my eye, right hand's index finger on the shutter trigger button, and attempted (and failed) to use my thumb to reach the touch screen to dictate camera's focusing point. It's impossible for me! Here's a video clip illustrating this-

James Lemley says:

Thanks for the review I appreciate it! One thing although, I’m impressed with the 4 RF lenses that are already made! I think that’s impressive. Plus 28-70 f2.0! No one else has that!!

Morgan Evetts says:

On lacking a dedicated video/photo switch, apparently you don't need one.

From Canon's site: "Once you have your video modes set up in the MENU the way you like, let’s say you’ve been shooting stills, and you’re ready to switch to shooting movies, simply press the Movie Shooting button, the camera switches to your selected settings, and you’re rolling."

Is this right?

Christian Heid says:

The camera is lacking the processing power to do the basics that other mirrorless manufacturers are offering. And for 2300 USD the camera is as poor value as the 6Dii was for 2000 USD last year. So it seems like Canon managed to create the worst FF camera of the year for two years in a row.

Me Myself says:

I've got my camera today and i discovered that it has:
No stabilization in camera stabilization. OK, so when using one of the 3 adapters to use your existing Canon glass, if the lens doesn’t have IS then you have zero access to IS. Compatibility factor just took a hit here.
One SD card slot.
No joy stick to set AF.
No continuous shooting in silent at launch – however we’re told it will be addressed in future firmware update.
You can shoot 8 FPS in one shot, the only issue is ….that is in one shot…in continuous IAF to 5 frames upto 47 raw files in a row.
Video: Not Full Frame 4K video. The 4K is cropped.
I Should Have Known Better that something was not right because it was not back-ordered at all

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