Official PS4 Camera Unboxing

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My unboxing of the new Playstation 4 Camera.

Find it here:

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Joao Arrascue says:

Never show the cable. where to connect, how to installl… 🙁

Stewie Gilligan Griffin says:

Wow…. 😂

Bundles the depressed bear says:





tripplett gamer says:

How much does it cost???

Maacellah McGee-Griffin says:

how much does it cost

Queen Synn. says:

Its 2019 I have a question I hope you can answer me !!! I have just dance 2019 and I was asking Does Any play station 4 Camera Work still even tho you dont have the new one which I cannot afford???????

Cooper Johnson says:

How much was it?

exprtsoul says:

Can you use this as a facecam but the audio from another mic? DURING LIVESTREAMS

Farhan Khan says:

Is ps camera is necessary ?

Space Nugget says:

5:33 almost breaks it :3

Manpreet Chana says:

Unbox Xbox 360

the joker joker says:

because I need it for just dance

the joker joker says:

give me the camara

Dead-Bunny Official Channel says:

the preown on GameStop if you have a pro membership card is alot more cheaper it was $44.99 I also brought a controller

Extreme movies Maker says:

Can we play any game of camera

bankbreakerz says:

PS EYE aka Sony's way of stalking you 8)

Juan Vargas says:

I like your video so much

Seth says:

I am about to get a gaming setup, and am going to get a ps, so this really helps me see how it will work! Thanks

ninguem says:

Does anybody know how to take the base out? Can I just snap it off?

I have no interest at all in having a camera for my PS4 but when I bought mine it came with one. I just want to take it apart so I can put it back in the box and sell it.

Last thing I want is to force it and break it.

mEczem says:

do u hv to connect it to ds4 controller for it to work ?
i use xim4 mouse and keyboard, how can i use it with xim4 while broadcasting and of course listen and chat?

Jak carn says:

I never got a bracket that size but a small one and it's a pain it won't hold on top of hd television

Cola Soda says:

sony did nothing on this. its a shame, but hopefully it'll be of good use for the vr

Kimmy L says:

I'm buy one today

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