OFFICIAL NIKON Z7 Unboxing | Beats SONY But Not CANON…in Ergonomics

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This is the Official Nikon Z7 Unboxing, Sniff Test and Wind tunnel test.

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Nikon Z7
Nikon Z7 with FTZ Adapter
Nikon Z6
Nikon Z6 with FTZ Adapter

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Jared Polin says:

If you missed our first HANDS ON shooting with the Z7, you can catch that right here

basil tiffani says:

Given Nikon's business troubles, why not throw in the adapter for free? Might drawn in more users who are ready investor in the Nikon system.

Nick Sheeder says:

1:19 * Oakland would like a word with you*

Siv Yis Vaj says:

Yes I like gold, I prefer gold, no no no not Raider! 😱

richardperth2002 Perth says:

Is your gear vault website encrypted and have you allowed government agency a backdoor into it. What is the likelihood of hackers breaking into your gear vault and compromising peoples privacy?

Greg Oreo says:

Sense of humor is a little too dry on this vid for serious viewers.

Maximilian Weinzierl says:

make the unboxing faster

Jere Forsyth says:

We are all hi in Denver too

SuperDigitalMe says:

This or eos R?

Bishwarup Gamer's says:

Can you givawy me Nikon D5600 on 30,000 Rupees in India currency


Mirror camera good or better DSLR camera ???

Sean Carter says:

I'll use your links if you PLEASE STOP doing sniff tests and wind tests you child

Frederick Dunn says:

08:15 I'll just bet you, that information is in the owner's manual you tossed Jared 🙂 Do continue, I love your videos 🙂 and it's filling time while I await the arrival of the Z6… thumbs UP as always 🙂 BTW your fire extinguisher is out of date… 2008, due for a hydro and inspection 🙂

bwebmasta1 says:

Cool unboxing, can't wait till you actually do a full shoot with it. Photo-Me-Ike has posted several full shoots inside & outside with the Z7. Yes, I am getting a Z6 with the 24-70 S lens.

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