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This is a HANDS ON Preview of the Canon EOS RP Full Frame mirrorless camera. I had a chance to spend a day using a full production camera with final firmware while in New Orleans.

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I did not see Canon unleashing a $1,299 full frame mirrorless camera on the world. Did they cripple some of the features, yes, but I loved the camera for stills. Put good RF glass on it and you’re good to go.

Canon 6 New RF Lens Preview video

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Jared Polin says:

Did you know i'm giving away a Camera when I hit 1,000,000 subs? Get entered right here

Kyle Tenorio says:

The Comment you made on internet trends not having the expected effect on general sales is a pretty good point. Canon and to a lesser extent Nikon have made had a substantial effect on the public psyche. I own a studio and have shot Hundreds of senior portraits this season and still to my surprise there is a bout a 4/5 ratio of canon dslrs to any other mirrorless option among general 18yo and aspiring photographers as well.

Generally people don't care as much about the specs as they do about the pricepoint, that and how blurry the background is lol.

p.s. I shoot canon for work.

sewhidbey says:

I have planned to get this camera to replace my 6D, which is a pretty heavy camera for me. I am not sure if this is the best decision after watching your review. I will have to sell the 6D to make it happen. I shoot landscape and astrophotography and am still on a fairly steep learning curve as an amateur. Thoughts?

John Morgan says:

it's 2019 for god sake — it's not a miracle cameras are lighter !

Mike Muellner, M.D. says:

Canon R: cropped 4K, no stabilization, 120 FPS in 720 P only… how can a camera in 2019 be any worse?
Canon: Hold my beer…

Sid B says:

Who's the model? I'm in love

wayne Johns_Photographer says:

Another lack luster effort with once again another bland low spec slow backward thinking model from Canon thats already overpriced for what it is and isn't. Wow Canon, have you seriously not learnt that milking consumers with the same crap doesn't wash anymore… Times move on and so have so many other brands, who are way ahead of you for less $ too. Lol. For the giant they are they are still making those giant mistakes…over and over again. And back to sleep I go…

jatisetiawan says:

Hi Jared, I'd love to see your next video titled "Canon EOS RP vs 6D Mark II" | Which CAMERA to buy?"

Considering that they're both Canon full-frame cameras that's now at the same price around $1300. Thanks!

André Jesus says:

its kind of daring you know… Entry level full frame with all these amazing glass available…Entry level 2000$ kit ? What does entry level mean anyway.

Fugue State says:

If it had IBIS it would be a steal.

Treeburke says:

this camera is dog shit for video 😂

richard oakley says:

My only cannon is an EOS 5 ..yup 35mm. The one thing I love is the built in pop up flash…now why can't they put one in this..

Dave LB says:

another fuckin annoying NON STOP YELLING AMERICAN.. turned it off after 4 minutes..

R B says:

I just bought the canon SL2 and at $499 it’s the best camera deal out today imo. Cameras servo focus is crazy good, external mic input, fully rotating screen, small a super lightweight.

Dee says:

It's really annoying, and a bad marketing decision, they could have sold more lenses if they enabled 24fps when using L Class EF lenses and DPAF when you used a RF lens, it would have increased sales of the new lenses and the old EF L class lenses and not put people off buying the body alone, All they had to do is cripple use with EF-S lenses to 720p… Doing these would things wouldn't hurt sales of the EOS R or a future EOSRv video camera…Some Canon Exec should be fired for that decision to remove 24fps totally

V4D2 says:

Pretty solid review, Jared.
Thank you for this.
You usually have good reviews.. I guess this one was even above average, IMO. Very clear, a few puns, and very informative.

I am a Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm shooter….and sometimes think of selling everything and stuck to only one brand.
Canon sometimes comes close….
I am very curious and most excited about the new glass..
The 15-35mm f2.8 looks like it will take screw-on filters…and that 70-200!

Thanks 😉

Pedro Fortuna says:

I wanna die in new Orleans

Harish Harish says:

Photography best in Eos RP

jl ExploreTheWorld says:

Digital IS means there is no accelerometer to compensate for hand movement. This is purely image processing hence the swaying with the leaves.

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