Note 10 Plus vs Pro Camera – Can YOU tell the difference?

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus packs the BEST Camera in any smartphone, but can it compare to a Sony A73 Pro Camera?
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In this video, we pit the Galaxy Note 10 Plus against the Sony A7III to see how difficult it is to spot the difference in photo quality.

We test a variety of scenarios, using all three of Note 10 Plus’ camera lenses, and match the framing on the Pro Camera.

We also use the Note 10 Plus’ super steady video mode and the new live focus video mode and compare it to what a pro camera can do.

Let’s see who is the winner in this Note 10 Plus vs Sony A73 camera comparison!

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Max Tech says:

If you enjoyed the video, Tap Like & Subscribe for more!
Buy The Note 10 Plus ➡
Buy the Sony A73 ➡
Tamron 17-28mm Lens ➡
Tamron 28-75mm Lens ➡
DJI Ronin SC Gimbal ➡

Tarek Wallauch says:

Great video. I am so glad to be be an owner of a Note 10+. I really like the great picture quality. I subscribed and liked and turned the bell on. Thx

Özgün Demir says:

damn, this year's smartphone cameras became really well with those tiny sensors

mohamed belkhous says:

Note 10 plus 💪😍

Thanos 03 says:

note 10 is like so good especially in the last photo it was less noisy than the pro camera I wasn't expecting that

יאיר לסרי says:

are you stupid?? look how bad the note 10!!! compare it to iphon!! even iphon 7 have a better camera
look 8:14 say everything


Pixel 4XL vs DSLR
Plz do a camera comparison

Karabo Monembe says:

Samsung still doesn't get the selfie camera to iPhones level. They really need to step up their game, ppl are more into phone photography than actual device spec these days

MDizzy says:

A quick glance of the thumbnail I thought this was a food review!!!


iphone 11 pro has the best camera

lokesh Chowdary says:

I donnow why my note 10 plus camera is so worst,I really donnow but it is producing white images and no vibrant colors at all

Latin Kuro says:

you should've asked her about all the pictures before revealing which were taken by which, much more accurate test.
After the 1st picture reveal a slight bias is unknowingly established.

Glacicer Family Treks & Expedition says:

Hey sir I am a fan of Samsung note smartphones

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