NOT just another ACTION CAMERA comparison!!

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A very in-depth look at the image and stabilisation features of not just the DJI Osmo Action/ Pocket but the GoPro Hero 7 black, 360 cameras and MANY MORE!

This is the action camera review video you have been waiting for… I hope!

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Review of the Insta360 One x:


Robin Probyn says:

who cares this camera shit… where is Sarah ..!!!

Nick Gagen says:

Always a joy to watch your videos, they are well explained and very well put together. Thank you for all your hard work.

Vikas says:

Well, video was all over the place… not sure what aspects of video should i concentrate: The technical teaching or camera (also which camera? !)

Joris Maas Visuals says:

Amazing video with amazing tips, especially tips like turning IS off when car mounted (never thought of it that it would not look so good when the car is stabilized when driving). I think there is still a lot of room to improve (if you look at the camera's in smartphones with all the options). The stabilization is already amazing, I am not sure if video while walking will be always better if it's too well stabilized, it takes away the immersiveness of walking in the area, those little movements you also see in news items is what it makes realistic as well). Probably 1" based BSI sensor based sportscamera's will be the future since it solves a lot of problems (low light), like a sportsversion of the A7SII / A7SIII when it comes out.

Isaac Alonzo says:

Honestly as much as I like what DJI has done with the Osmo Action, I'd rather skip a first gen product and let them fix everything for the next one. Also at this point I'm sure Nick Woodman hasn't slept well in weeks! And the GoPro Hero8 Black is going to be a massive overhaul, maybe even include the microphone jack and ditch the dreaded USB-C adapter.

The Home Filmmaker says:

yet again another amazing comparison and review.

Vamatx says:

So much science, you are the only YouTuber I have hit the notification bell for, definitely love these full of info videos, I see less and less of these everyday because they’re not “popular” videos.

Keep it up!!

Akshay Kumar S says:

It's ridiculous setup and it includes everything you need to know, More than comparison 🔥

The Bloom Cats says:

Needed more of us in it

PaulDoppler says:

Thank you for all this important infos and thoughts! Really good work!

Niko Nasar says:

This is bananas!

Solutions Exist says:

Excellent work; but for you just average. Man do I aspire to be average. You are Sir – the one and only!

Matthias Edling says:

THE best and professional review online right now! Thanks so much!

VinceCheong says:

And because of this. I just bought my OSMO Action! No regrets. Those 3-4 minute reviews by you tubers are alright, BUT THIS! THIS is gold! This is what passion drives to make this review beyond what any one else does!
Well done mate!!!

Nomadic Native says:

Nope, no flying cars yet, damnitall!!! ;^)

H1BK says:

Change your title please

ESs Visuals says:

haha as if you used the Wilhelm scream lol legend

Andrew Cole Photography says:

You could have made it more interesting by putting Barbie on there 😂

Tae Hoon Joo says:

Thank you so much for the review👍👍👍

Per-Gunnar Eriksson says:

Conclusion: No need to upgrade my Yi 4K+.

Jim Sutton says:

thank you for your time and effort in this video. props man.

Practical Primate says:

This is fantastic

myJTP says:

What a lovely review! Very detailed and the pacing was a pleasure to watch thank you for taking the time to make this beautiful review!

michael xxx says:

what a good and entertaining video! 😀 ..

Heru Rishardana says:

Appreciate the effort and thank you for sharing this.

HollywoodToronto says:

Other Youtuber’s: Action camera review…3 min.

Philip Bloom: Hold my beer…..

Very well done Philip, very well done. 🙌💯👍

Romas and MO says:

Hi, Philip, I just wanted to let yu know that I really appreciated your review. Cheers!

Gary Jahman says:

Great vid mate! GoPro straight out of the box is better indeed. Also no need to activate it via an app

Random Life Productions says:

Let’s be honest, they all the bleeding same these pocket cameras…..

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