Nokia 9 PureView VS Pixel 3 XL CAMERA COMPARISON!

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The ultimate camera comparison between the Nokia 9 and the Pixel 3 XL!
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In this video I put to the test the five cameras on the back of the Nokia 9 PureView compared to the one camera on the back of the Pixel 3XL! What phone takes better pictures?!
I’ve included, some daytime pictures and portrait mode pictures, Low light pictures, video samples and of course selfies!

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Thomas Müthing says:

The Pixel 3 portrait/macro photos are noticeably sharper, but I also generally prefer the Google phone in the other daytime photos. Color accuracy may be a bit better on the Nokia, but the Pixel produces more vibrant, detailed and still-close-enough-to-reality shots. In night mode, the Nokia performs very badly indeed, but the Google pictures are sometimes way too bright (P30 Pro from Huawei ist the night-time king). The unstabilized video on the Nokia is unacceptable – even unbelievable considering this is supposed to be a 2019 flagship. All in all, it's STILL amazing that Google manages similar or better results with just one lens that take other manufactures 2, 3, 4, and 5 lenses.

Deepanshu Nagpal says:

Right now pixel is overall winner
But i see potential in Nokia
Maybe after 1 2 year nokia beats pixel in camera .


Daylight images by Nokia 9 are matchless right now.

lA otceR says:

Nokia 9 all The way

epic gamer says:

Nokia is better more to real life

Michael Paris says:

Most were close, the one's of I assume your daughter looked better on the Nokia. The Nokia should be blowing the Pixel out of the water as well as most if not all phone cameras. But I feel the Nokia 9 is an unfinished product.

BigBadBoogie says:

Audio-"small differnce" you say. Try playing it on a device with at least decent audio and the difference is HUGE/NIGHT AND DAY (I heard it CLEARLY on my S9+ built in speakers even)
Nokia 9 – full range SUPERIOR sound
Pixel 3 xl – no midrange, tinny and thin – HORRIBLE

Night shots: Ok, first question, which phone took the image closest to reality aka your own eyes.
From what i can see the Nokia has all the info in the image but retains the light as is while pixel blast on brightness making itnfeel like daylight. If you want a night shot to look lile day shots then the pixel is good, but if you want to retain the correct atmosphere aka shoot what You see I would say Nokia. And if you want to you can always adjust eveything on the Nokia using the included lightroom as all picture information is still there, just not brightened up beyond sense 🙂
Vide stabilisation on Nokia is available as digital, did you turn it on?
Normal photos, hard to say, cold colours on the pixel (like skin tones) but its cold so might be right. Nokia is on the other side with warmer skin tone.
A lot of sharpening on the pixel it seems (zoom in and look for white contours) and i know that even nokia has sharpening on the jpegs but NOT on the RAW, so I am pretty sure pixel over do it a lot to make picture "jump at you" to have average consumer like it. As a photo purist its horrible though :-/

rusiru batuwatta says:

Pixel 3 is a clear winner… nokia = ugly design , poor camera.. it proved this video

Artificial Intelligence says:

Next pls compare nokia 9 to iphone xs

Mustafa Kemal says:

Nokia very very good.😱

MrAnotherlight says:

Pixel has too much contrast Nokia better … For night shot you need to shot on pro mod shutter 1/4 ISO 2000 for better results

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