Nokia 9 Pureview Unboxing: 5 Cameras Revealed!

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Nokia 9 Pureview is finally here in our unboxing video, taking a look at the 5 cameras found on the back of this phone. If you are interested in a Nokia 9 Pureview Camera review, leave a comment.

Nokia 9 Pureview:

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rosteriperse says:

I preordered that already!

Abien Setiaki says:

I Like it kamera 5

Tanvir Shahriar says:

don't you love anything beside My hero academia? bored of this, give some love to other anime dude!

sarun vannak says:


Mel O'Dauz says:

I think Nokia missed the opportunity to put front facing speakers in those bezels. It would be perfect and better phone that actually is.
Maybe next time😢

diego 1 says:

Digital weebing??? App actions???????

Tigerex966 says:

no notch and no hole yea!
No sd card, no headphone jack nay!
great price and class leading camera, for those that dont mind a little editing instead of auto everything point and shoot.
WOuld love to see video.

Tigerex966 says:

Nokia is a phone that begs you to edit after the picture is taken, vs automatic with google, samsung, and apple.
There is just so much extra info that can be manipulated in ways you cannot do on any other phones.
auto may be similar, but once in light room, etc, it is on a whole different level, more more than point and shoot to get the best from it.

Devonte Collins says:

Would you say this is a bad way to go if someone wants a flag stock experience? And not all for the camera

Communications En Français says:

Nokia is back

Madhav Verma says:

Honestly I don't think Nokia has any future, for example, Samsung, Apple, Huawei are taking us to a new level of competition. But Nokia is just not enough good as other phones these days.

Dhaval Vyas says:

What is Image MB size in normal mode and in HDR mode? and also after photoshop n etc.

Dhananjay Talekar says:

What are common image sizes of JPG and DNG respectively ?

And what is the black lens on top right – just to complete circle ?

Mr Tanveer says:

u r so boring man

PrypeciowyHovnozer says:

It would be amazing if you'd shoot some photos of light sources like neon signs, street laps during the night time.

MEstafa Fandi says:

The camera of course that i want to see what it's capable of and especially the Depth things and bokeh mode too
Thanks 🙂

arham ali khan says:

Nokia 9 vs pixel 3 camera comparison!

abdullah kesmenoglu says:

proccessing time to pictures is to long, nearly 20 sec for 1 picture ..

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