Nokia 9 Professional Photographer Camera Review!

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The Nokia 9 PureView camera is truly distinct with 5 lenses once that set it apart from other smartphones in our professional photographer camera review. If you would like to see a comparison with the Galaxy S10 Plus and other smartphones. leave a comment below.

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Semir Huskic says:

Samsung has much more r&d resources to bring better shots with one camera then nokia with five

abhijeet achlerkar says:

Impressive results even with early camera software, it's going to be amazing with upcoming camera updates

Nemo Halperin says:

I feel relieved to hear a professional photographer echoing exactly what I feel about the Nokia 9. Firstly: that the image quality is not good enough. Second: that the essence of taking photos is being able to control what you're taking when you capture the image, not afterwards. Third: that speed and access of operation is imperative. It seems that the Nokia 9 serves neither ordinary consumers or professionals. Nokia, if you're listening; please update the module used on the Lumia 1020. Crisp oversampling with stabilisation is where you need to focus your energy.

Taofiki Gafar-Schaner says:

I fear we are getting jaded in the tech space and not seeing dope innovations. The phone is 100% slow. The issue is this guy didn't do a good job reviewing of the depth map. Looking at the bokeh fall off compared to a regular phone. There is huge improvement. Ability to shoot great raw images is rare in the mobile space. The phone being slow is very bad though many missed shots.

Post precessing is the goal of this phone. It is not meant to be a point and shot. Focusing on the JPEGs is missing the point. This is why they partnered with Adobe so the user can tinker with raw files.

Jari Savolainen says:

Isn't the burst mode working in nokia 9? In my nokia 8 if you keep pressing shutter button it takes photos in burst mode. Good for action pictures. And I also understood that you can leave nokia 9 processing those pictures in the backround and keep shooting at the same time??

Bradley Larcher says:

I think it's too early to judge the Nokia 9 camera capabilities and the phone itself. I'm sure future updates will improve performance

Abdul Basit says:

Some people believe this biased review.

But not us..

Not us.


good review my brother

Piyush Tanpure says:

Good review 🙂

Donna Wetter says:

I noticed that the "bokeh mode" photo was a dng, so this is actually hard coded into it and can't be changed, no dng file with the real depth of field available? And the "depth mode" is when you get a normal dng but can adjust the DOF afterwards?

TM Heretic Verethragna says:

he didn't like it

A Frank says:

Samsung gives the most artificial oversaturated, oversharpened images even in raw file… plz never compare samsung with p20 pro, nokia9 Pixel etc its a disgrace!
Samsung have a really good camera for the mainstream so they can upload the artificial images straight away to their social media…

Stelios Class says:

Why should I spend 800$ for a mobile to shoot professional photos? I can spend the same money for an incredible professional camera and shoot really professional photos.

Jyo says:

Fun fact : No professional photographer is gonna appreciate a phone camera ever

Android World says:

Please camera comparison side by side Samsung Galaxy S10e vs nokia 9 pureview

Dima Damage says:

good review but why compare to s10+ best camera in pixel 3xl…

jlelelr says:

long story short… not for point and shoot or action

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