Nokia 8.1 Vs Poco F1 In-depth Camera Comparison – Who Is Better?

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Nokia 8.1 Vs Poco F1 camera comparasion with tons of sample shots side-by-side in varying conditions like shot taken in broad daylight, evening shots, indoor shots, bokeha shots so that you can judge which smartphone has better camera and is the right one for you.

My Nokia 8.1 Review with Pros & Cons

My Poco F1 Review with Pros & Cons


sliver lion says:

Install g cam on Poco it's even bigger hpyed beast…

Aditya Bharti says:

jisme tum bhadde lago wo camera bekar hai waaah, with no doubts nokia has one of the decent camera in the market which produces very good shots with clarity in the picture as well as in bokeh mode. For those who gonna hate me for this comment wanna tell you I'm a Oneplus 5t user.

Achyut Arjun says:

Can you do the same with Nokia 7.1 and Poco F1…both start at ₹19,999

Pallavi N Shetty says:

Please make a video on the unboxing of honor band 4!!!

A.R World says:

u look horrible

hridoy rahman says:

After installing Google camera , poco can beat iphone 10

Ashraf Ashraf says:

Is Nokia 8.1 and 7.1 plus the same?

Candy Boy says:

3:27 dude, Nokia is a sooo much better here, what are you saying!?

emraan shaik says:

xiomee paid

prateek katyal says:

Not a real comparison

Mrinal Bhushan says:

POCO f1 is the clear winner.

Matthew Iversen says:

Pity the Poco has no NFC :/

vishwas vaidya says:

Asus Zenfone 5z is best

Amal Ravi says:

Hi sir, im a big fan of your show. Could you please make a video having the best portrait camera phones with the secondary telephoto lens. Obviously the portrait photos are best with telephoto lens. Please make a dedicated video. Thank you.

Munna Munna says:

Plzzz Huawei nova 4 ka unboxing dikhaona

Sourav Kumar Das says:

Watching on POCO F1

vishva reddy says:

Please review soundlogic SoundLogic MSD Edition Voice Assistant Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Headset with Mic (Blue, In the Ear)

Alex Shimla says:

Poco is a complete beast, in terms of processor, in terms of cam n in terms of pricing.

MDs tech talks says:

Watching on poco

Sarthak Bharara says:

GeekyRanjit in 4K!

kalyan kumar says:

make a vedio about poco f1 vs zenfone max pro m2, specially the camera comparison. i heard that the max pro m2 handles ram management well than poco f1 it doesn't load apps but poco f1 loads apps in ram management is that true, please make a comparison between these two

Baffling Science says:

Today I met geeky ranjit in Hyderabad


POCO way better.

Eraning App says:

Super duper sit

reshin tj says:

Zenfone max pro m2 vs realme 2pro

Yash Sharma says:

POCO F1 is definitely better in every shot

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