Nokia 7.2 vs Google Pixel 3a XL vs iPhone 11 Pro | Camera comparison

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The Nokia 7.2 is $350 – and we compared how it’s camera does against the Google Pixel 3a XL, and the much more expensive iPhone 11 Pro for good measure.

The Google Pixel 3a XL wins in terms of overall value – with photos nearly as nice at the $1100 iPhone 11 Pro. When it comes down to it, if $50 isn’t a big issue (Pixel 3a XL is $400) then go for the Pixel, if not, the Nokia 7.2 isn’t that bad of a value!

See the full review of Nokia 7.2
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vedoemax5 says:

Man, the Nokia costs 279€, the iPhone costs over 1100€ wtf is wrong with you? Of course is the iPhone better Than the Nokia

Darth Awar says:

Why cant anyone make a 48mp Wide Angle Camera?!

Bashir Algawy says:

Sorry nokia is better

Tejashwi Vakadapudi says:

Nokia 7.2 is a mid-ranger and got compared to the top-ranger(Iphone) and came out with pretty decent shots.

Wanna see a comparison with Nokia 9 PureView instead.

A C says:

Nokia 7.2 compare with iphone 11 pro and Google Pixel 3a XL, it's not the best one, but when you compare the price (about 1/3 of iphone 11 pro), no doubt Nokia 7.2 are the best.

pat cola says:

iPhone has done a commendable job. Have to give it to them. I'll still be keeping my pixel 3a. Even Nokia has gotten much better.

Murali Gudla says:

Nokia 7.2 vs nokia 9

Double U says:

He even like the distortion on iPhone what more can i say

Muroga Emmanuel says:

Nokia has a capable hardware with mediocre software intagration I would go for pixel 3a. Not iPhone guy they sale a cellphone

Cleo Kent says:

All I can hear is " iPhone is superior and Nokia is struggling " this is more of an iPhone promotion.

Andrew Wang says:

Every time one of these videos is posted, the Pixel 3a is being sold for $349, so they are exactly the same price right now.

Maninder Pal says:

7.2 + Google camera = boom

mario says:

Pixel 3a is still winning 🤣 #teampixel

Subhadeep Roy says:

Nokia is best

Ankit Sharma says:

You should compare N 7.2 with Poco f1

Hito157 says:

Camparison of Pixel 3a XL against the 11 pro and it still held its own. That's great. But the classes were different. How about Pixel 3 XL vs 11 pro Max. That would be match

Ahmad Kabir says:

The pixel goes head to head with the iPhone even with that huge price difference

Mattchew UK says:

Why do Americans keep pronouncing Nokia as "No-kia". Even Nokia themselves pronounce it "Knock-ia".

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