NIKON Z7 vs SONY a7R IV | Which Camera SHOULD You BUY?

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Which Camera should you BUY between the Nikon Z7 and Sony a7R IV? That’s the exact question I help you get an answer to in this comparison video. Be sure to check out the Real World Reviews that are linked below to see how I came to my choices.

Nikon Z7 Real World Review
Sony a7R IV Real World Review
Order Nikon Z7
Allen’s Camera
Order Sony a7R IV
Allen’s Camera

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Gear I USE
I SHOOT RAW Camera Bag
My Go To Mirrorless Camera as of now
Sony a7R IV

Nikon Z6
The Microphone I use for Vlogging
Nikon 70-200 2.8
Nikon 24-70 2.8 VR
Nikon 14-24 2.8
Nikon 105 F1.4
Sony a7 III
My Rolling Bag Of Choice For Flying

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Jared Polin says:

I know which WAY I GO!!!

ratracer says:

Why was the Eos R not compared with these 2? Is it that much far back compared to these 2?(forgive me if my question may sound dumb, I'm still new to photography)

coinneach clachair says:

Have never heard anything in any revue of the Z system cameras about their use of flash, ie, flash sync. Also, have hammerhead flashguns fallen from grace ?

W N says:

What??? Where's the L-MOUNT ALLIANCE?!? No S1R here!

Matti6950 says:

I went (as a nikon FX shooter), with Sony A7RIII. it's 2000 euro (used with warranty), while nikon is 3100 euro. When A7RIV drops in price i'll buy it no matter what. FTZ i couldn't care less, imbalance, two things to clean from dust, two mounts that can bend, more work to setup, not as good AF performance, etc. So i only look for a full native transfer, and in that sony is better (much more used and especially third party on market). Got Sony 24mm GM for 1150 euro, try that nikon.

Matti6950 says:

I shot 2500 shot on Sony Battery NP-FZ100, 40% juice left. Didn't review a lot though (was sports shoot). Still the screen was on almost always (for composing). So that 700 'CIPA' rating is very strict. 2280 Mah is great on Sony, nikon only 1500 mah.

Scooby says:

16:43 Funniest thing ever.

Rodolpho's Tech channel says:

The rubber feels good. That’s what she said

Thomas Schlüter says:

I would go with the A7RIII 😉

Jo Poiss says:

« It is stupid. So Nikon, you lose 15 checkmark for stupidity » 😂😂😂 dear fucking god I exploded

marlon cataquis says:

Thank you for making this video. This will be my first purchase for a camera and you narrow it down to perfection. I love how you make it so entertaining yet educational. All the best!

Whayne Padden says:

If you use AF-C on a Sony you only get 12 bit, compressed or uncompressed. You have no 14 bit option unless you use AF-S which is useless for moving subjects.

That One Camera Dude says:

But I gotta say that with the Sony you can go down to iso 50 tho !

Jan-Tore Øvrevik Photography says:

I thought the Sony camera could shoot with ISO 50, as that is one of the menu options?

hautehussey says:

I’ve seen the z7 sell for as low as $2100! That puts it in a much different bracket than the Sony. You could purchase a z6 and z7 almost new for the same price!

Thomas Michalski says:

Probably i'll buy the Sony >60 MP seonsor for my astro-photography as the ZWO ASI 6200 MC Pro Color, which might be more expensive as the a7R IV. For all-day Photography i'll stay happy with my Z6 and the D750 with a Meike grip… Who needs so much Megapixels on earth.. 😀

Nikol Ullmann says:

I have both these cameras and at the moment like more the Nikon because of its better LCD and menu, also Nikon is really silent, whereas Sony makes noises.

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