Nikon Z7 Hands-On Review for Photographers

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Our hands-on review of the Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera with Dave Paul and Evelyn Drake from The Camera Store along with special guests Rob Galbraith and Monika Deviat. In this review, Dave and Ev talk about how this camera performs for sports photography, travel, portraiture and, astrophotography.

Nikon Z7 Body:

Monika Deviat
Rob Galbraith

Model: Cassandra Guerin
Insta: @cass.guerin

Videography by Brendan Schmidt

Shot on the Panasonic GH5

Evelyn Drake: @tcstvev
Dave Paul: @tcstvdave

#Nikon #Z7 #Mirrorless


Ravi Chander says:

very good in depth review , you both are honest in your opinion about Z7, iam a nikon shooter for the past 35 years with films and later Dslr now iam thinking of going mirror less ,Z6 and Z7 thankyou for your video

Salah Alsir says:

What kind of lens is suitable for Nikon Z7 camera?

Star Gazer says:

You keep mentioning the "FTZ adapter" but you never talk about it.

Alfredo Hernandez says:

This is definitely one of the best reviews I've seen for this camera, It wasn't a Fan Boy or a total Hater review it was fair and informative, Thank you!

A Google User says:

Yay! Man boobs and fat girl talk cameras with zero personality!

Ray Lander says:

Awesome review!!! My thoughts exactly; I did shoot Canon for 19 years, and swithced to the Z7, some Z lenses and a couple F Nikkors. I love everything about this body; I shoot landscape but also wildlife; mated with the 500 mm PF lens, this Z7 is exceptional. Also I see the Z lenses being sharper then the F lenses with adapter. Great review!! Thank you!! Happy Thanksgiving

Richard Sigler says:

I just purchased a Z7 with adapter and 24 to 70 f4 S . I am finding camera an improvement from from my d750. The only thing I miss are the extra buttons. My older F mount lens are doing just fine. (Especially my primes) I hope Nikon will continue to provide future feature firm ware upgrades! Adding eye auto focus was huge. I find the touch screen a very welcome addition.

Oz Baz says:

Very well thought out and presented video. The new camera store tv team are really starting to hit their strides.

A View to the World says:

The Nikon J1 lol

bestbass42 says:

Really good review and no doubt the results are excellent. But I hate the look of it, it's way too small and ugly looking IMO. Wish they would make a bigger DSLR version.

Pereira Kelvin says:

Len too big

George Voudouris says:

Thank God that I finally bought the D850….

William Widman Photography says:

I currently use the Nikon D750 with Sigma and Tamron lenses. Do you have any info on whether these lenses would work on the Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras?

S Bandura says:

Good stuff thank you for the analogy between the z7 & D850. Picking up the z7 shortly.

Owen Perry says:

Love my Z6…. saving up for a Z7…. that astrophotographer who didn't like it is crazy. I'm an outdoor photographer and have used the D810, the Z series cameras are superior in so many ways… they actually have BETTER weather sealing than a D810.

Nam Hua Teo says:

Coming into your own now! The chemistry is better n the pics too. Also good is the balanced viewpoints n interviews to get an all rounded review

Eshel Art Photography says:

As a wedding photographer I pre-ordered a Z Nikon and when I saw it had 1 card slot I cancelled my pre-order, I bought from B&H a used D800 to fill the gap till the next Gen of Z cameras come out hopefully this time it will have 2 card slots and then I will get it. Also saw in most reviews the AF of the Z cameras is still not as good and reliable as Nikons top tear AF systems. I am sure Nikons Z6II and Z7II will have a much better AF system and as I said 2 card slots.

Momchil Yordanov says:

I'm more impressed by the Z-mount lenses than the Z series cameras tbh. I have the 24-70 f/4 that I bought as a kit with the camera and the 50 f/1.8. These are hands down better than the F-mount lenses. The corner sharpness is great, they are silent, fast focusing… very impressed.

Errortonin says:

if its not f mount… i don't care.

Mark Shirley says:

Just watched a review by a wedding photographer – he says the eye auto focus is generally useless and he uses face detection instead. The reason is if there is a group of people it's prone to switching people uncontrollably. It's fine for a portrait session but that's it.

Carlos Ferreira says:

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland 🇩🇪😘😘

Michael Barbee says:

ive had my Z7 for just over a month now and so far i really like it. the few days i thought i was going to end up taking it back but after using it more i found that pretty much all my frustration with the camera was do to user error. my biggest frustration was the first time i went to use flash in a dimly lite area i hadnt figured out that you can could turn off Apply setting to live view. after figuring that out and kicking myself for not knowing i could do that ive been really liking this camera. i do have a good number of Tamron lenses that i really like though. right now all my Tamron zooms work fine with the FTZ adapter but my Tamron primes dont. Tamron does say they are working on firmware updates for there primes though so hopefully it wont be to much longer before im able to use those on the Z7. im really looking forward to being able to use my Tamron 90mm macro with focus shifting to do some macro shots. Ill be taking the Z7 to an airshow in a few weeks here. i would normally take a D810 for stick displays and a D500 for anyting in the air. The Z7 fill the roll of my D810 nicely for me. Im not sure about the D500 but its at least close i may end up only using the Z7 at future airshows or maybe even picking up a Z6

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