Nikon Z7 Hands-on First Look

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A first impressions look at Nikon’s full frame mirrorless camera. I’m in Tokyo for the Nikon launch event for the Z6 and Z7, and I got hands-on with the 45-megapixel, 493 AF point, 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 beast!

Nikon Z6 Body Only:
Nikon Z6 w/ 24-70 f/4:
Nikon Z7 Body Only:
Nikon Z7 w/ 24-70mm f/4:

Blue Wednesday
Joakim Karud:

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King Tut says:

too expensive

Ron Star says:

Kai, I have the GMT Master as well, but I changed to an all black ring, instead of that LOUD red and black ring.

jaja smile says:

thanks you kai for your excellent reviews I have learned so much about photography and camera's because of , so much last I got me a D90 and it just good ..

Saumyadip Biswas says:

Why waste money on bodies….

Daz says:

can't decide between a fuji xt2/3 or a nikon d750

Carl Cheong says:

C mon! I trying to find a mirrorless camera with a evf and interchangable lens for cheap! 🙁

Mustafa Sheikh says:

z6 pros and cons on my channel 😉

Roadghost88 says:

Apparently the future of professional photography is mirrorless. I think outputting devices need to catch up. Will be interesting to see what the response is from Sony. Z6 at only 24mpx? Heck, the next smartphones will have that. Z7 FTW, but pricey.

bobspez says:

Kai, what camera and lens did you use to film the first couple of minutes of the video. That was really sharp and good color.

zeczam says:

4K with 60fps and full flip screen, and this would be one to own for the rest of one's life

fitriah iftitah says:

good camera, I have also read the latest reviews and features of this camera and the difference between z6 and z7 is very far. I read in Indonesia here

Tetra Ezio says:

Which mirrorless camera is better
Canon EOS R
Nikon Z6
Like – Canon EOS R
Don’t like – Nikon Z6

Manjul Saini says:

Hey Kai, quick question, Nikon 750 is now available under $1400. I was earlier thinking of Sony A7iii when a price for D750 was around 1800. Also, I guess in the distant future I'll probably buy a mirrorless camera. Hence my question is do you still recommend it? Also, I'm confused now either to go for Nikon F/4 24-120 or Nikon f/2.8 24-70? I think former makes more sense to me as I'll probably switch to the mirrorless cameras and not sure will these lenses be compatible or not. I'm an enthusiastic photographer. (No profession so far).

Anderson C says:

So why by the Z7 over a D850? Just for the smaller body? No "mirror slap"? There's a $100 price difference. The D850 is cheaper. 🙂

Zander Bederi says:

Welp, say goodbye to my kidneys

My Daddy says:

You cannot turn the screen for selfie, especially if you make vlogs

Nishank Nick says:


Joe Giz says:

I’ll keep using my D5…

Tun Izmir says:

Once upon a time, slr only has one slot for one film roll but still produce great picture😁

Laurent L says:

No one cares about Nikon mirrorless already 🤣

choon wah yee says:

Price are ok ! Lenes are right 's ! Great camera 's ! All the best

james cook says:

Hey Kai, awesome video. What is your favorite camera for video? How do you feel about the Fuji xt3?

find nene says:

I am Nikon user but i almost puke watching you kissing Nikon ASS

Maxwell Smart_086 says:

Fire Nikon CEO Kazuo Ushida – Z6/ Z6 (DSLM) – only one slot card, and only XQD??? WTF? And for men the grip is too small – the little finger goes into the air!!! And only one battery? Empty after 330 shots… And Sony is producing the sensor??? Fire Mr. Ushida. Shame on him. Leica SL (DSLM) has been 3 years on the market. Was he sleeping? He should be changing his profession: serving coffee at Starbucks!!!

Daniel ohayon says:

Seems like she has a crush 3:49

Michel Campbell says:

Have to buy F mount adaptor….

Henry Zhang says:

Everybody knows in the film era, Nikon made the best looking cameras.

Henry Zhang says:

I see F5, F100 in the new Z, great work Nikon, brings back the goodness . and fuck Canon for its ridiculous R.

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