Nikon Z6 vs Sony a7 III vs Canon EOS R | Which Camera to Buy? (2019)

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Real World Review
Sony a7 IIII
Canon EOS R
Nikon Z6

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Nikon Z6
Sony a7 III
Canon EOS R

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In this video I put the Nikon Z6, Sony a7 III and the Canon EOS R all head to head to help you decide which one might be the one you should go with if you’re in the market for a new camera. This is updated for 2019. This is the ULTIMATE BATTLE!!!

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Jared Polin says:

If you had no camera today and you were just starting out, which camera would you go with and why?

Dmytro vdovenko says:

to much personal staff and own opinions … not adequately performed review

April Bornowski says:

Nikon has a FIRMWARE UPDATE that makes the Nikon Z6 and Z7 Eye AF. Instead of making us buy an entirely new camera, THEY CREATED an easy to use update.


is it true that canon is lounching a new pro version of eos r very soon ? Please reply.

Islam Shehab says:

I am still confused between the A7iii and the EOS R, I shoot both videos and stills equally. Which one should I get? please helppppppppppp

adriangs-t parada says:

Sony#1 then Nikon and then Canon!!

Raymond Isbill says:

I would go Canon because I shoot fashion and accurate color is the most important since I know the quality would be there as well.

Balázs Farkas says:

Video winner is… Z6 🤣🤣 joke of the year is yours

Murph says:

that canon haha,use 5 years old tech in 2019

Viktor says:

The Canon EOS R is a complete dumpster fire

安田智大 says:

Japan vs Japan vs Japan

Vaskar Nag says:

Your reviews/parameters are always negative towards one manufacturer, have been going through your reviews and they don’t sound independent. So don’t feel they are good as much as others..

Lakhwinder Singh says:


Rana Movies&Mixing says:

Canon is best cem

Sax Lee says:

Comparing with Sony a7iii, Nikon Z6 looks and feels much better for me

TJW595 says:

As someone that is looking to move to mirrorless and dosen't have too much invested in lenses of any party, this makes it a little odd. First of all, no offense to Canon peeps but canon and myself have never jived. Nikon has been my sweet spot for years but I am conflicted. On the one hands, its a first gen mirrorless so issues short or long term may pop-up due to teething. On the other hand, Its NIKON, they tend to get it right from the get go. Building on that, Sony has been testing and innovating their A7 lineup for a few years now and I am happy with the way things have been going so i keep leaning more towards an A7 variant – Either the A7III due to new features, or the A7II due to affordability (Its a full frame body with built in stabilization for under $1000, thats huge)

curtislee says:

Nikon's feel and the button placement
And menu is unbeatable
Just no drag focus point and no battery grip

faiq danial says:

Say what you want, I’m gonna take canon r anyway, they got massive lens for 85mm, I think thats cool huh.

Yoe Fernandez says:

The Z6 does have the same functionality as the Canon with the automatic photo device download.

EDGARxB00TS says:

imo canon colors look the best, eos r please.

justin mozingo says:

Never a Nikon. Canon or Sony for me

Craig Hawkins says:

Thanks Jared, your reviews helped a lot. Though it was still a hard decision, I ended up going with the Z6 over the A7 III since the Z6 appears to have a better overall user experience.

TheDankAtheist says:

Wheres the s1 at

TeamElitePlatinum 100MDCM says:

sony still killing newer competition. he be like, “sup noobs.?”

you know what? canikon could have done better with mirrorless if they are not so complacent and stubborn with their dslr, they’re prolly thinking mirrorless cant keep up with dslr but theyre so wrong.

you can see here that SONY definitely PULLED them on a competition where sony already had a big advantage.

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