Nikon Z6 Review: Is this the best full-frame mirrorless camera for video?

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When Nikon launched its two, all-new full-frame mirrorless cameras, it was laying down a challenge to Sony. The landscape and portrait-oriented 45.7-megapixel Z7 strongly resembles Sony’s superb, 42.4-megapixel A7R III. Meanwhile, the model we’re looking at today, the 24.5-megapixel Z6, looks a heckuva lot like the world-beating 24.2-megapixel Sony A7 III. Both Z-Mount cameras cost nearly the same as their Sony counterparts, and pack similar features like in-body stabilization and full-sensor 4K video.
This is obviously not a coincidence, as Nikon is trying to disrupt Sony’s mirrorless dominance. Does it succeed with the Z6? It isn’t perfect, but in a couple of areas, Nikon has actually bested the current full-frame mirrorless champ.

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SunTip Flex says:

sir your whats app number

AllProG says:

you must be canadian

Casey Rowe says:

I enjoyed this. <3

MysticMaven says:

Wow stopped watching when you said Nikon's menu system is more complex than Canon or Sony! Nikon menus and ergonomics are so far ahead of Canon and Sony it's a major reason I shoot with Nikons. They are the Apple of cameras. I bet you also use an android phone and shitty Korean hardware.

Ken Konard says:

The complaint about having only one memory card is odd. I have been shooting weddings and other events, 600 to a thousand files sometimes with my D3 and D700. Although I set my D3 for overflow onto the second slot, I have never had that happen. The D700 also has only one card slot and never gave me a problem. I think it’s just a complaint from owners of newer cameras intended to attack the obvious high quality of Nikon and Canon.

toddler1009 says:

I gotta say that having been a Nikon supporter for a very long time it's just impossible to to pick this product over the A7III. Has Nikon been asleep at the wheel?

Tommy Knocker says:

No it is not and if you dont know from the beginning you shouldnt do reviews in the first place

Brandon says:

Amazing for shooting short films. Focus is not an issue like a typical dslr

Rohit Kumar says:

Great effort..

Dave Jones says:

Can I use Nikon Edg lens with the mount and it's does auto focuses?

mannyva01 says:

so ….. basically after seeing countless number of reviews on this camera….. the video capabilities are far superior on this camera then the camera taking pictures ….. that is what everyone seems to be raving about on the camera…… and the auto focus is at its best while shooting video and not pictures….. just seems to be consistent in that aspect in every review…. seems like a crappy deal if you ask me since this is more a movie camera then an actual photo camera….. if nikon perfected the video capabilities…. it should be able to perfect the photo capabilities as well since obviously that is what they are good at….. looks like i will have to wait yet again for a better camera….. my nikon d7100 is still good enough for my needs at least for now…. i care about the photos more then the video…..

Carl Hansen says:

Compared to the Sony A7 III the Nikon Z6 has better build quality & weather sealed, better screen with x2 the resolution, better EVF at 50% more pixels, better ergonomics, better menu system with touch navigation , XQD cards, Sony has no weather sealing, poor menu system with no touch, Sony may have a slight edge in continuous auto focus. The Z6 & Z7 are the first mirrorless cameras from Nikon and it's most likely firmware updates will provide very significant improvements, such as eye-detect AF , 4K ProRes RAW 12 bit output to atomos ninja v over HDMI (which are currently confirmed)

Astronaut Ninja says:

There are the pixel peepers and there are the photographers. Huge difference.

Hexspa says:

But what did you shoot the intro on?

Dijhili says:

I've read in several places that the Sony has poor weather proofing / fogs up and does not handle moisture well.

Raj Varghese says:

for a first gen camera Nikon did pretty good i must say…….hardware upgrade firmware is coming for eye tracking in the Nikon that should improve things a bit…….Sony is still the leader in this mirror less space if Nikon provides more lenses and less the price then Nikon will sell pretty well i must say…….great review……….

Jeff Paul says:

Why is XQD a point against Z6?

Gabriel Crumpley says:

AUTOFOCUS IS GARBAGE ON THIS CAMERA. I just shot a styled shoot all day and any time there was light behind the subject (bright windows, the sun), it struggled BAD. Then it struggled in low light…then it also struggled any other situation. The best I could get was when I shot AF-F with Auto-Area AF on…WHY IS THIS AN ISSUE WITH A $2000 camera??? I have had a canon 80D the past 2 years and NEVER had an issue with focusing…I also recorded someone playing guitar in a bar at 4K 30fps and there was a tiny dot in the screen around the area I was attempting to focus on…does anyone else who has used this camera have these problems?

Bauss says:

And…. How much??

Lazy Mitchell says:

I still can't decide which camera to buy; Nikon Z6, or Sony A7III.

Stephan Leutenmayr says:

Thank you Nikon for not making the screen fully articulated. I prefer the tilt-only screen.

Troll Of Justice says:

That's rich, someone picking Sony menus over… any other manufacturer's menus?

Real David Art says:

This claim is so ridiculous it's laughable. Even Engadet doesn't use this camera to create video content. No non-Nikon shooter is switching brands to take advantage of their video capabilities. While plenty have done so for Fujifilm, Panasonic and Sony. Laughable 😂

Digital Vizun says:

Just curious why people call this Zed instead of Z. When you sing the alphabet song it's xy and "z" instead of xy & "zed"???

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