Nikon Z6 ProRes Raw: Should you upgrade?

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ProRes Raw is now available for the Nikon Z6 and Z7. How does it work, and more importantly, should you upgrade? We look at the pros and cons of using ProRes Raw on the Nikon Z6.

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tommihommi1 says:

Either Atomos has to add a RAW codec that blackmagic supports, or blackmagic has to add ProRes Raw to Resolve.

The current situation sucks for both of them.

Simon M. Hansen says:

Regarding the noise comment: This is not a drawback but a decision by design. ProResRaw is designed in a way that your computer should take care of all the processing instead of the camera, including noise reduction.

Its Pinecone says:

Sounds like some marketing plot for Nikon to make a lil more money on the Z series camera now that the cameras havent done as well as expected and had to slash the prices……..Im glad I switched to Sony back in September last year to the Sony A7R III i stead of the Z7…..Sony's fireware updates are free as well.

Creative Nords says:

Great video! The RAW to LOG conversion is the way to go. If you just bring down the highlights in final cut you dont get a clean blue channel. Wolfcrow pointed this out in his video and I demo this in my comparrison between the Z6 and Sigma FP shooting RAW video. Also you might consider that shaparpening is something that is burtn in to the internal video but is set low when shooting RAW.

Donald MacLeay says:

Shooting the video on antique lenses was a mistake. Is there a 'clarify' option in your editor?

Raymond Parker says:

You would have to remind me that I dropped my precious, 40 y/o friend, the 105mm f/2.5 last year and broke it.

The Bommel says:

idk the blownout highlights in the first shot are not my thing …

Hwirt Wirt says:

A $200 upgrade that allows 4K external ProRes raw recording to an external recorder that looks like 720P.


will s1h shoot 16bit raw on atomos?

Carl Ryan says:

The sensor was designed by Nikon and build by Sony. 🙂

wattehel says:

Here is internal log recording for $35

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