Nikon Z50 Review on Location | First Camera, Travel Camera, Vlogging Camera Impressions

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Thanks to Nikon, in this video we’re going to check out the new Nikon Z 50. The Nikon Z 50 ticks a lot of boxes.

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The Z 50 is Nikon’s first APS-C mirrorless camera with the Z mount which they launched last year with the Z 6 and Z 7. So this could be considered the little brother to the Full Frame Z cameras. Entry-level cameras can sometimes feel cheap and low quality. That’s the first thing that impressed me when I picked up the Z 50, immediately feels more than just an entry-level camera. Nikon has taken advantage of the fact the camera is mirrorless with an APS-C sensor and made it small and light (at 450g) ideal for travel photography. An issue you can have with smaller cameras is they can be difficult to hold and handle but this is not the case with Z 50 as Nikon has given the camera a great grip (that accommodates the battery) that’s easy to grab and helps the camera feel nice in the hand. Perfect if you are walking around holding the camera for long periods of time.

Currently, there are two native DX lenses for the Z 50, the 16-50mm and the 50-250mm. Both lenses have a collapsible design so they take up a smaller amount of space when not in use. To get ready to shoot, just give the barrel a turn. I think this is a good design as it means the lenses are nice and compact taking up less room in your camera bag, ideal for travelling.

The sensor is an ASP-C sensor (Nikon refer to this as their DX range). It has 20.9 Mpix – which is probably the sweet spot for what this camera is intended to be used for. Combined with the kit lenses, I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the images I’ve been able to capture. 

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Andrew Chisholm says:

If i had the money I would buy the Z50 as a step up from my 7100 as I don't need a ff camera. I tried it out at a local camer shop and it just felt so good in my hand and the buttons were where they should be.
Who knows maybe next year I will have the money to upgrade

A J says:

Can setting white balance with kelvin bro?

genghis2510 says:

My last upgrade was from my D90 to D500 years ago. I'm no longer upgrading to newer models. My niece whom I loaned my old but still good D90 to introduce her to DSLR photography made me see the light. She said as she fidgeted on the controls why should anyone make bulky things that only take photos. This got me thinking. She owns an apple iphone and I guess she prefers taking photos with it. I recently got the latest model and it takes superb photos. And sometimes I can't tell what took which in my PC if not for the exifs. Mobile phone imaging has improved quite a lot more than DSLRs that only brag larger pixels and larger files but image quality is not that far off.

mediumdun18 says:

Andrew , how does the Z50 IQ stack up to the XT3 which you've extensively reviewed in the past . I would be particularly interested in a comaprison of working with their respective RAW files . Many thanks

David Gurevich says:

Very good photos and videos, you have a good eye. Thanks for interesting review

Rek-5 says:

No Nikon. I already bought a Fujifilm )
7:35 genius option……..

marvona says:


Bloodshot says:

Good enough to be a sports action wildlife camera?

miseryy says:

What did you use to film the Z50 whilst reviewing it?

Greg Snell says:

That Bee footage at 00:12 is amazing. The ergonomics is so important for these cameras. Is this camera sort of like the Canon M50…?

Steve Hartley says:

Hi Andrew, good to see you again. Have you tried the Z50 with any of your FX F-mount lenses? Like you, I have a range of good Nikon glass and whilst I get the benefit of the bigger Z-mount, I would have to use my F-mount lenses for a while. Do they vignette like using DX on FX?

Geoffrey Byers says:

Love the rock pool shot and the slow mo straight after it (@ 11:59). Fantastic.

nicolahguy says:

Thanks for the review Andrew. You got some lovely footage and stills.

Ken Konard says:

An excellent review. Thanks, Andrew.

Ashiu Walker says:

nice review, and beautiful pictures.

Robert Fleckenstein says:

The Z50 seems to have a lot of (latitude) meaning it has very good high light and shadow detail while blogging, better than any camera I've seen used so far. But at the same time it portrays skin tones unusually to me; perhaps lighten then I'm used to. The sharpness of the camera is unmatched, perhaps even "too sharp", and I wonder how "they" do that; maybe in the operational software, the (Exceed 6)? system. If that's the case I wonder if the program can be replaced with like the (D850's). Thanks Andrew for keeping us up-to-date, and great picture taking.

DigNap15 says:

Nice video Andrew from a kiwi

Michael True says:

Thanks for the review with example of both stills and video. Spotted the Z50 in the camera store last week (picking my d810 up from the shop) and thought it would be a great second/backup and vlog setup. Seeing your review helped confirm the all around quality desired.

Joshua Maka says:

Great video, subscribed, I really like your editing, have you considered making photo editing tutorials?

Photografia Australis says:

You're looking good mate! Take care. Greg

Robbie Nazareth says:

Would you recommend the z50 as a primary photography camera? I'm thinking of getting the 80D or z50.

Miguel A. Corona says:

Interesting camera. Certainly not on my list but great info to share with others. I always get asked for camera recommendations and this is one I can recommend to the right person based on your review. Thanks Andrew.

Brandon says:

Hey! What photo settings do you run on the Z50?

Joseph L. Cinematographer/Photographer says:

great video, i agree the z50 is wonderful its amazing on my gimbal and stays there for all my cinema shoots

Mr Tech says:

Leaving IBIS out was a huge mistake shame it could have done pretty well

Dennis W says:

It is the same sensor that is in the D500. I wonder if it has the same crop on top of crop factor in 4K? The D500 also has a tendency to clip highlights too.

Jon Glass says:

My E-30 has a side-flip display, and it tilts both up and down. I have no problem with waist-levle shooting, nor holding over my head, and the tripod never gets in the way. It's not heavy, nor does it unbalance the camera (the E-30 is a monster, though, so maybe that helps). Another benefit of this is that I can flip the screen around, and place it against the body to protect it when not in use. I wish every manufacturer would offer this option. 🙂 That's my perspective. Other than that, this camera is a temptation away from 4:3 and m4:3 for me.

scotty4418 says:

Interesting overview Andrew. As a Canon shooter, I bought the M50 as a travel camera and to slip in in the pocket to avoid taking out the 5d iv all the time, so you it was good to hear your thoughts on a similar camera. Images were impressive. Would agree, looks a good purchase for multi uses 👍


Lovely review!

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