Nikon Z50 review: first-looks with DX mirrorless camera

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First-looks review of Nikon’s first DX-format mirrorless, the Z50!
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johnp says:

How do they expect to compete with Sony and Fuji when this camera is so unattractive.

sore loser says:

B,C,D,E,G,P,T,V, and Zed. One of these things is not like the other.

Mike Whiles says:

Great preview review Gordon. 1st Inpressions – Nikon may be back in the game, well done Nikon. Shame that they missed a trick by not including a side flip screen, could have been a game changer at the price point. Nikon please ensure that the quality control is good with no sensor muck, dust !!

Michael says:

I’m excited, being a Nikon shooter , only wished it matched the 32 mp m6 2 from Canon & like the Z6/7 that it shared the en el15 battery from the D850 , Z6/7 & many other Nikon’s , but overalll I’m very happy so far with the Z50 but would need to see it in person before I splashed the cash

Terry Breedlove says:

DPreview the Fro dude everyone is showing images taken with the camera

Gung Krisna says:

Will the APS-C Nikon Z series become the successor of Nikon 1 series?

Hero Shotz says:

Im getting "gear fever" lol i dont need this camera but i want it 😂😂😂

Michael Gillispie says:

Too little too late…switched to M43 last year after Nikon screwed those of us with older screw drive lens. Kept my D700 and FX stuff (28-70mm f2.8, 85 mm f1.4, Sigma 120-300 f2.8) and sold off 3 DX bodies and a slew of lens.

Never another Nikon.

Maxwell Wellmax says:

oh wow i thought this was the replacement of the D3500 lol, 900 bucks yikes!.

Alex Luu says:

way too expensive, they need to just focus on their full frame mirrorless and actually get lenses out. They're already years behind.

R O says:

Dead born child

Gibson Weasel says:

pixels don't bother me, I have big prints from a D700 that look stunning! I do a lot of indoors/evening events, if this camera has good lowlight iso performance, I am interested 🙂 if it is good? I would get it with the adaptor! as I have some lenses worth trying, like the Tamron 35mm F1.4

stevepa999 says:

When you flipped down the screen into selfie mode, the AF seemed terrible.

xDGuilherme says:

Very interesting camera, but with some weird decisions… Why need create and development new body instead reuse the Z6 body, is by far the best ergonomic mirrorless on market, puting a built-in flash and missing the joystick… Now we want to see the Canon RF APS-C rival to this and Fuji XT3

Akhyar Rayhka says:

Canon cant comprehend these competition, canon should dump M mount and make RF aps c mount

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