Nikon Z50 review: A great handling camera with a mediocre sensor

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Nikon’s Z50 is the best handling camera in its category, but it’s behind rivals in autofocus, shooting speeds, video and particularly image quality. However, it doesn’t have any fatal flaws and is worth a look if you already have Nikon glass.

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Jermo 414 says:

Trying to decide if I want to purchase this or the canon eos rp..

josh3326 says:

Mediocre sensor?? I've been shooting professional for years and just picked up this little guy. I've tested it for a week and it's not mediocre at all. It's a great camera for the price.

John Bogart says:

Thanks but I respectfully disagree going out to buy mine tomorrow 😁 Can’t wait, moving up from my Nikon DX dslr format but after much research and comparing I concluded there is no reason to invest in a whole new glass platform.

Dr Seuss says:

Mediocre, this dumb assessment tells a lot about the level of the test.

Art Altman says:

This sensor produces beautiful images. Fewer pixels means larger pixels means better low light performance, better dynamic range. Pixel count is a tradeoff, not an absolute.

horton jennings says:

Rubbish review about image quality. This is an updated D500 sesnor. The a6400 sensor is an updated A6000 sensor! I saw another Youtube video where a guy is shooting a rapper with a GH5 and ends up using his borrowed Z50 which he's had for 2 hours because the autofocus is so spot on. Engadget, if it wants to be respected, needs to be a little less cavalier in its opinions. There are some real photographers out here!

beschken says:

sensor quality should not be judged based solely on a megapixel count. it is very simple.

Ana Diakonidze says:

of course the sensor is mediocre, poor D500 uses it.

Chris Root says:

Mediocre sensor? Wrong! Been shooting this for a couple of weeks as my "carry around" system and it has exceeded my expectations for image quality. (I normally shoot D850 / D750).

Terry Yu says:

After watching your video! The review is not fair. You didn't talk about the plate from smallrig especially for z50. Also the 20mp is more than enough. Lower mp can get clean image at high iso

M7CVZ says:

Mediocre sensor? LOL, you really should research this sensor before posting. You gave NO specifics in this video as to why 'mediocre sensor'. Z 50 is an amazing camera with classic/excellent Nikon color rendition. X-T30 is a better camera and the Z 50 mediocre lens is its weakest part, not the sensor.

zeki rami says:

I have sony a7mak3 and the fuji xt30 and canon m6 mark2 the best one I like is the canon because Canon has the best color of all .I don't have Nikon camera 📷 but after I see your video iam thinking 🤔 to buy one

EnnesX says:

That's funny. This sensor has been around for a bit, and it's newer than the sensors this claims it's worse than. Dxomark's lab test place this sensor at 1ev advtange over Sony 24MP at all ISOs from base to 12800 in terms of dynamic range and between 1-2 bits greater color depth across the same range.

cameraz99 says:

The Nikon Z 50 kind of reminds me of a Grace Jones song: "I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for you." No camera is perfect. But the Z 50, but in my opinion, is the best all-around APS-C mirrorless camera out there. It is perfect for me (and I'm a professional photographer), especially because I have a ton of older Nikon lenses that I can use on this camera with full-autofocus ability. What other APS-C camera can say that? Nikon will sell a boatload of Z 50s.

cameraz99 says:

Doesn't the Fuji have a 10-minute limit while taking 4k videos … vs. 30-minute clips with the Nikon? No thanks!

Julian Langan-Fox says:

The way in which the touch screen works on the Nikon is in need of improvement. Not being able to use a gimbal is a miss.

mneedes2 says:

Optical quality, are you kidding me ? 24MP vs 20.9MP is only 7.2% more pixels in each direction. Sqrt(24/20.9) = 1.072

Paul met Debbie says:

Same sensor as D500 and D7500, both top of the dslr aps-c sensors regarding IQ. Nothing to complain. Perfect exposure, great colours, low light and high ISO qualities are great. Most photographers need no more pixel density than this. Canon sensor has a lot more noise, so yes you can crop more, but if you blow up also the noise gets big and obtrusive.

Donovan Tyler says:

I find it funny how you didn't just use one finger to flip down the LCD screen smdh, bruh it literally flips down with one finger, why you're getting hung is funny but I'm assuming done purposely.

Jeff Hurst says:

"Nikon’s Z50 is the best handling camera in its category" is worth it's weight in gold. Who wants to carry a camera around all day that is uncomfortable in their hands to use? I have the Z50 and find myself using it more and more over my other camera's, that have even more MP's on the sensor. 20MP is more than enough to print 2'x3' photos without noticeable detail loss in the prints. But I also question, how many people actually "print" anymore? Most just snap and post on social media anyway.

Any camera is just a tool, like a hammer. The user still has to have the skills to use it properly or they still can't drive a straight nail, no matter how expensive or brand the hammer was. As far as the focusing, I find it fast and accurate. Eye detect is cool when it works on any camera but when it don't, switch to another focusing mode and keep shooting. To many rely on eye detect as a crutch who can't function without it. The low light performance at high iso is fantastic, even in video. No IBIS, no big deal. Nikon users have shot for years with out it in DSLR's and Prime lens (also Zooms) without it. They still produced fantastic photos!

Can I nitpick the Z50 sure, but I can also nitpick any camera on the market as well. Learn to use the tool in your hands and quit worrying about the tech. It lowers your stress level greatly. 😉

Paul Eike says:

I had the Fuji X-T30 before this. Switched to the Nikon due to comfort with the Nikon system and ergonomics. Found the Fuji ergonomic layout to not me to my liking, especially the lack of a simple mode dial. I’ve found with the kit lens and F-Mount lenses via the adapter I’m getting similar image quality as I did with the Fuji but with a camera that is much easier to handle and quicker to operate. I don’t do a lot of fast action photos, mostly birds and landscape. I find it interesting they call this a mediocre sensor when it’s the same sensor as the D500 and D7500 which I’m sure they rated highly.

Fakhzan Halim says:

I own one of this z50… replacing my old Nikon D7200… after using it for 2 weeks I can conclude that this camera is a great upgrade to the Nikon D7200… the low light capability is better than the D7200… at ISO12800 the image quality is still decent… combine with very decent AF and Video Quality… the color science is good and the handling is the best among other rival camera… with the given price and capability I do think it is a worthy upgrade… the drawbacks are the flipping down screen and the battery life quite mediocre… barely 300++ shots or combine with 20-30 minutes video…

The lens choices is another cause for concern but with FTZ adapter it should be ok for the timebeing… nevertheless the kit lens although looks and feels cheap, the image quality is sharp especially the tele lens.

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