Nikon P1000 REVIEW: INSANE 3000mm ZOOM, But…

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Nikon P1000 REVIEW: INSANE 3000mm ZOOM, But…

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This is a Review of the CoolPix Nikon P1000 with an insane 24-3000mm ZOOM. I took it out to a ball game as well as tested out shooting photos of the zoom. Is it worth it? How’s the image quality and video quality? I answer all those questions in this video.

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Jared Polin says:

How INSANE is that zoom???? What do you think of the stills and video?

Marcos Nascimento says:

que desgracera é essa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

The BOGS Life says:

Since it is cellphone quality
How about P30 Pro vs Nikon P1000

Ulf Holmström says:

Thanks for making this!!

Sensatious Hiatus says:

…it's the perfect creeper camera

Larrythebassman says:

Great video cell phone side sensor because obviously futuristically speaking cell phones are taking over the photography industry come back to this 10 years from now and see what I mean Nikon and simply jumping on the boat early in the game before the cellPHONE SENSOR title wave starts

Oren Haim says:

Who is it for??? It's for flat earthers.

Sam Santana says:

Couldn't you shoot a Legends Football League game instead? I'd much rather see a close up of any of that rather than three balls coming together @22:07

ThaRealUnknown says:

So then what should i get? Walmart has this right now for like 750

Nick Pol says:

Good camera for 95% of people

P B says:

Ultimate spy camera.

Eco Mouse says:

You are missing the point… this camera is for amateur astrophotographers, spies, creepers, birders and flat earthers. Nikon knows there's a demographic that this sells very well to. There simply is no better way to get 3000mm equivalent zoom, for anything under the price of a small car.

George In S.C. 4 says:

Can you see the curvature of earth?
I can't find it on my lessor camera

ZenDarkoNetwork says:

I remember watching your Nikon 3200d in 2013. Well done on maintaining the afro

Slaider Andasol says:

is this camera can do astrophotography?

Daniel Calvert says:

Wildlife & Sports. Private investigators. Occasional moon shots.

Yaima Vazquez says:

Hi what is a good camera for nature and night pictures? Thanks!

WisdomTooth says:

Do Nikon make Telescopes? I need to find where i lost my keys on Arcturus.

Morris Enyeart says:

How is the video zoom in low light situations shcw as a high school football game at night? I was also looking at a Sony FDR AX700 but a reviewer thought the P1000 might be a better video recorder in the HS scenario because of its longer lens.

peaceloveweed T says:

Why does no one mention how the app to transfer and upload photos is 100% incompatible for the p1000. SnapBridge is complete bs. I honestly feel I wasted $1000. Did they really make no other way to upload photos other than using the stupid app?

Majid safaei says:

You're much older than the movies I saw two years ago☹

Jeff harris says:

Stalker camera

Itchychychy says:

10:09 d*mn right AF

freedom and justice says:

What is the maximum Memory Card for the Coolpix P1000 ??

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