Nikon P1000 Digital Camera | First Look and Review

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We roam around Cheltenham Spa in the Cotswolds while reviewing the comprehensive set of features available on Nikon’s latest and most powerful bridge camera the P1000.

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Clifton Cameras says:

Hi all, we'd like to apologise for not being able to demonstrate the RAW files. We did mention we would do this in the video. At the time of shooting Adobe Camera Raw did not support the .NRW files produced by the camera and we were unable to process them in Lightroom. This appears to still be the case. We will aim to be aware of this for future releases. Thank you for your support. Please visit our website for all of your photographic needs:

thepianoplayer416 says:

The 1 thing somebody might use this camera for is observing the night sky for stars & planets as an alternative to more expensive telescopes.
The bottom-line is that people are using their phones & tablets as portable alternatives to expensive cameras. Once people need to print their photos to see the images, now only professionals would have their photos in print so the consumers at the low-end can get away with having high quality images. Unless a camera more than what people can do on a phone, they're not going to carry one anywhere even for family gatherings.

Nga'Nga Wa Kioi says:

Watch out for the paid charlatans!

I bought this camera based on the reviews on YouTube. My conclusion is that anyone telling you how good it is has either been paid or have no clue about cameras and pictures. I spent £1099 of my own money on one and i can tell you it is useless. Why i hear you ask. Simple 1 if you are an amateur and you plan to use the auto settings then either make sure you take your pictures in the midday sun in July or if you know how to set it up in manual then you also know better than spend 1k on this piece of crap. Mine went back to amazon after 3 weeks of trying to make the best of it.

Richard Herrman AB- says:

I've seen refurnished ones on eBay for like $849 look like new

Topla HK says:

there is an engine inside the lens ?

Malisha Banks says:

Awesome 📷

DWL Management says:

I would like to know what model tripod that you used???

Raoof H says:

Great review, Thank you!

John Phillips says:

From macro to the moon without changing lenses, Love it👍

Derek Super Strong says:

There is no curvature dumbass

Tolgahan CAY says:

Hi! could you send me sample photoes with capture infos please? [email protected]

Michael Sanchez says:

WOW, very nice review of camera I guess the best I have ever seen > I hope everybody on you make reviews of anything like this.
NIKON > The best !

Timoteo3858 says:

This wooly mammoth looks more like a 1980's video recorder.

A spycam this "ain't! "

Karina Adams says:

I really liked your review. Thank you so much for sharing!

Anthony Guzzi says:

I did enjoy the video. The audio and video became a little out of sync a little bit past halfway. No big deal though.

iPilott4411 says:

Nice..It kinda looks like a portal gun. Cheers! :-)…p.s I thought this video was about the camera…not whether or not the earth is flat or globe :-/

David Viner says:

Cheltenham is in England, you copied us in America?

yoichi franck says:

I am saving up for this camera nikon always the best

BeeBee's Funtastic Adventures says:

This is the best review of the P1000 on YouTube. Good job, thanks for sharing.

Han Realistic says:

Curvature? I have been searching for it fir the last 3 years. I could not find it. Could you please share us your experiences, where is that curve starts? Thanks

ツDERA says:

Best for snipper

kanehi says:

I have the P900 and I don't understand why the kept the small sensor. Also the GPS and NFC features were eliminated.

tree top says:

As a complete amateur I would love this beast, it seems to cover all the basics and beyond. Alas as an OAP trying to survive on a state pension and at a cost of around £1000. I'll just have to dream on. Great review by the way.

Jeremy Kirkpatrick says:

So to sum up its a low end hobbyists camera that doesn't shoot so well in low light. Oh yes and flat earth morons jerk off over it

ankush saini says:

hey was nice…but you didn't tell about the 6000 mm feature

Lee Ryan says:

Dude wisen up, that very camera will prove, without a shadow of a doubt that the earth has no curvature. Take it to the coast and you will see ships do not disappear over the supposed curve. Wake yourself up. Peace

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