Nikon J1 Review Part One – by What Digital Camera

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Part 1 of What Digital Camera’s review of the Nikon 1 J1, Nikon’s new compact system camera.

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Heroic Nutter says:

just bought one of these peices of shit.. came broken..

el comentario último says:

Sensor size is the new megapixel count.

Liverpix says:

Jessops are selling it with a £50 cashback offer now, may be too late for you now.

Joe Zschorn says:

They come now with new lenses that are intresstig!
-Nikkor 1 18.5mm f/1.8
-Nikkor 1 32mm f/1.2
-Nikkor 1 5.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6mm

George Judge says:

Anyone know a good English website to get this from

George Judge says:

Anyone know a good English websit

wanosootube says:

does it have image stabilisation or it depends on the lenses you had ?
sorry im new to photography 😀

craig199 says:

did anyone else switch to raywilliamjohnson after 1:09

Kylie Apple says:

I am saving up for this camera because i fell in love with it i saw it in best buy and knew i needed that camera im not a professional but i love to take pictures and make videos for my friends and i think that this camera would fit my expectations

Jacksite2007 says:

I have always had a compact but i think i am realising how poor they actually are, and would love to take decent photos with something that is thin to slip into my pocket (i.e. not a house brick), modern, and takes decent images- especially hate those out of focus pics. I want one to go away with this summer, would you recommend I got one of these? they have fallen in price recently.

frankie28web says:

@popcorny91 exactly! this would be my camera if it had a bigger sensor. I'll get a compact micro four thirds instead…

Rama Pallander says:

@kitcatbar The only difference is that the V1 has a viewfinder and a higher resolution screen otherwise they are the same camera 😀

Rama Pallander says:

@ar4216 Dude it has a F-Mount adapter
so it can shoot with all the nikkor and nikon lenses 😀

Catherine Urrutia says:

Awesome video! But one question if anyone can answer this

Which one is better? Whats the difference between the two?
Nikon 1 J1 or V1?

I don't know much about Nikon, and camera talk I don't understand haha. But if anyone can help me thatd be great!

Benjamin Hocking says:

@popcorny91 Compact full frame is what I want

Emily Malcolm says:

brought this today in pink and its fucking beautiful. its my new baby

AnnyLovesPink says:

i want the pink one so bad

Rob Ellis says:

@SLRist To be fair, theres a 16mm pancake, and sony are working on other pancakes, sensor size matters not as much as you'd think, look up the Pentax DA limited 40mm full frame lens, definitely possible to make small lenses.
Does the leica m-9 have a decent grip? Is it one of the most photography orientated cameras out there? Yes, do Leica make mainstream pancake lenses? No. Stop moaning.
Anyway, Im getting the a77, so its all good ;P

SLRist says:

@Robellislol – I was primarily referring to the M4/3 and associated 'compact' pseudo-SLRs with compromised sensor sizes. As for the NEX. It's lenses are so huge, it doesn't even qualify for the compact label. It's just a big fat lens with an inadequate hand grip attached. It's a fashion statement. Ultimately, people who are interested in photography instead of posing with the latest gadget are going to want something with a decent grip and controls, or something that really is pocketable.

I Idz says:


Rob Ellis says:

@SLRist Dudebro, sony NEX-7 = APS-C chip bigger than Canon 7d's, your facts = wrong.

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