Nikon D90 Review by What Digital Camera

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Nikon D90 Review

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Rapscallion says:

How do you check the number of shutter clicks the camera has used-to-date?


I bought mine in early 2010 , it has had a lot of use and is still going well on original battery and has always been reliable and is in use most days with a nikon 70-210 4.5/5.6 D lens,

Ibuprom666 says:

d90 is bigger and have better grip, plus it's got AF motor and much better viewfinder. d5100 is just a toy really ;p

Janice Hadley says:

Was initially torn between the D5100 and the D90. I don't use video mode and I'm not going to want to print anything larger than 20"x30" so don't need the extra megapixels. Think I'll see how the D90 feels. Thank you 🙂

Zarul Ikhmar says:

@MotionKoSisland d5100 same with the d3100.. u should get the d90…

shanna1950 says:

@MotionKoSisland – put the purchase on hold. better not buy something when Im still in doubt.

Elmark Garcia Batarina says:

@shanna1950 yeah me too.. i havent decided yet, so you, have you bought any of them? d90 or a d5100 ? please reply 🙂

Retrotastic says:

I started with a D40 then had a D90 for around 2years now. I absolutely love this camera and wouldn't hesitate to recommend over the D3xxx or D5xxx series UNLESS you really want to stay at an average level. Basically the D90 and D7000 are for people who want to learn photography, the others for point & click styles.

TheLifeOfBob says:

go for the D7000. definitely!

Chris F. says:

at 4:54, extra vivid??
i dont have that on my d90…

SqueeG19 says:

@shanna1950 well they have the same sensor. what you need to look at is each cameras feature set if you are going to decide betweeent he two. i prefer the D90 over the D5100 because it has more controls on it like a thumb dial AND index finger dial, custom functions, nikon cls, top lcd (saves on battery) and it has a built in auto focus motor. i dont think the d5100 has a motor.

shanna1950 says:

some people say that the D90 is even better than the newer D5100. Do you agree? I've just seen a review of the D5100. I thought about buying the D5100 and I now decided not to….

Vaughn Adams says:

Thanks You so much!

MrTruthhurts777 says:

I own a D90 and it is a terrific piece of photographic equipment. I use it for general photography and also for work as I write articles for an angling magazine and include step-by-step photos to show readers how to make artificial fishing flies. The shots are stunning and pin sharp. The kit lens is very good too and perfect for an enthusiast like myself. Am wondering what the D7000 is like.
Nikon fan.

janadal86 says:


D90's got an info button to display the shooting info just like the D5k does.

outofthebiz says:

I have a D90 and my daughter, age 15 has the D5000. You should definitely get the D5000. It is a bit smaller and easier to handle. It has the exact same quality of pix quality as the D90. It has more scene options. The D90 is a bit more complicated and more for someone who is more experienced and wants the manual control that you will not use until you really learn by which time there will be a new one out. You can't go wrong with the D5000 and its a few hundred cheaper. Hope this helps.

Michael Maddox-France says:

@rogan200139 Depends on the lens, dude.

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