Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R III: Mirrorless vs DSLR ULTIMATE FIGHT!

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We’ve been using the two highest image quality digital cameras for about 8 months in the real world, so this is a long-term review comparison:
* Nikon D850 ( – a 45 megapixel DSLR
* Sony a7R III ( – a 42 megapixel mirrorless camera

In this video review, we compare them for Image Quality and Color, Autofocus (AF), frames per second (FPS), durability/reliability/dependability, the viewfinder (optical vs electronic viewfinder/EVF), battery life, handling and usability, Wi-Fi, silent shutter, video recording, timelapses, lenses, and price.

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K O says:

The B/W picture from under the bridge,i like that a lot 🙂

Walker Film Productions says:

Great video. You guys have a great chemistry which makes it fun to watch. I wanted to know more about the slow motion on the Sony. Can you make a video about slow motion next time please.

Steven Ranger says:

I guess the thing you missed was the weight difference, if you are shooting all day or having to hold your camera still for long periods of time by hand.

JD Diggy says:

Are you shooting in front of a green screen?

Also Chelsea's having a great hair day.

WillN2Go1 says:

Sorry. BS. Anyone want to see this done for different gear? Any used car lot. I'm always impressed with Chelsea Northup's ability to come up with intelligent insightful ideas. Clearly a case of the women being expected to smile and go along. I have the Nikon, I looked into the Sony– it's not ready, not even close. I've been expecting the end of the DSLR for more than ten years. The Sony isn't it.

TheSharperCoder Blog says:

I recognized all of those locations that you guys showed from the Hudson Valley.

Sam Walker says:

You guys are so cute together. "Oh wow! I guess I don't matter?" Loved it.

Peggy Stevinson Bair says:

OMIGOD, you guys are so cute and funny besides being really helpful and informative.

bill seaberry says:

I'd love to see you do a review of the Sony RX1 RII. I take point and shoot fixed lense cameras to concerts and went from the Sony RX100 V to the RX1 RII recently but have only used it at two concerts. I am fairly new to photography and love you videos on lightroom, cameras. Etc. Thanks

Michael Redding says:

you can put it down to 1fps to do a time lamps on the sony

Scott Williams says:

As a beginner to photography I find it very confusing on which system to pick from the big 3 (canon,Sony,Nikon). HELP!!!

staticnetwork says:

Smith Rock @ 7:21

huge moungus says:

Respect for the guy, it's what he says that counts.. lol

14RubixcubeWorld57 says:

Sony has their big firmware update in April and am curious how much better my A7R3 will work in different genres including timelapse

Nikhil says:

sony sensor vs sony sensor…………………..D850 has sony sensor

sanch Sanchayan says:

They should soon come up with global warming Anti-Pollution lenses 😀

Graeme King says:

I have converted from minolta to Sony as I had lenses from that era. Given a choice I would go with the Sony A99 so that I can keep my lenses. I have the minolta 500af reflex which I love for moon pictures and for wildlife. Sony have always been more intuitive for me but I guess coming from a minolta 9000af it would be. I suppose it is what you are accustomed to.

Rohann van Rensburg says:

I have the Rii and the EYE AF is amazing. I don't mind that it's not perfect all the time — the ability to program custom buttons makes switching AF modes instantaneous, so if it's dark or someone is moving it's easy to switch to lock-on AF.

I'm also completely okay with only EVF. These aren't film cameras, and you can change an awful lot within the camera in regards to how the outcome will be. I hate taking test shots with my older Canon in comparison. The battery drain and other quirks are a downside, but once you learn to work with it I don't know if I'd go back.

The big downside with Sony cameras is the durability and weatherproofing. You can beat the hell out of a modern Nikon or Canon, but I'm terrified to take my Sony outside if it's drizzling. That needs to change. Also the old Sony batteries really suck. And yeah, IBIS is amazing, it must have been the adapter. I regularly take 1/5s shots and they're completely sharp.

And yeah, Sony lens selection sucks, and they're really expensive.

Frank Zayas says:

"oh wow, I guess I don't really matter." That's wife-speak for Tony's not getting any action for quite a while.

Dr Faustens says:

Nice comparison. Right now the only thing drawing me to the Sony is to shoot my pre digital summicrons and nikkors (vintage and current). I pretty much have nearly all the focal lengths Sony offers in Nikkors so I don't really see an urgency do double up. One thing I'd like to see if there is a significant difference in image quality (color integrity, dynamic range, and micro contrast) shooting summicrons on a Sony body.

ZenGeekDad says:

Just found you guys. Great videos. Please, what did you shoot this on? (You said Canon, but what model & lens?)

BenelliMr says:

WHAT WILL COME FIRST? Sony A7RIV or Nikon D860? I am so impatient to upgrade from A7RII. But I upgrade only every two generations

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