Nikon D850 vs Nikon Z7: Which Camera To Buy? The ULTIMATE BATTLE

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Which camera should you buy, the Nikon D850 or the Nikon Z7? A lot depends on if you want a mirrorless or a DSLR and if you shoot video or not. This video will help you better answer the question as to which camera you should buy.

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Nikon Z7 Real World Review
Nikon D850 Real World Review

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John Greenfelder says:

I think the 850 would be the one for me.

Bill Rosmus says:

As far as the focus points go, you can spend time jacking around moving the dot, or you can put the dot in the middle, move the camera focus using the back button, and then compose; faster than moving the dot around. I think. Depends what you shoot of course. I don't normally do anything that requires tracking. So there. I like the D850 a whole lot. But I'm thinking of adding a Z7 for the weight. I wonder if my Tamron G2 lenses will work with the adapter.

Cheri Stader says:

Thank you Jared, these videos really help with the decision making process. I use a Nikon d7200 and have been wanting to upgrade to a full frame. I understand mirrorless is the next generation in technology. I thought the Z7 would be a great transition into that as I can use my current lenses and slowly move into the z lenses. Yet, I'm an enthusiast photographer who enjoys birds and macro. Therefore, this video helped very much with my decision. Since I'm not a professional, I can still get a great camera (D850) and probably find one used and not break the bank.

Camera Enthusiasts says:

There is no argument, the D850 has its advantages and Z7 has others. It would have been nice to have the AF speed of the D850 in the Z7 because the Z7 has the video functionality that the D850 is lacking.

Adam B. says:

Interesting video! I am a professional photographer (interiors, architecture & panoramic landscapes & cityscapes) and I bought a Z6 as a backup to my still very capable and fantastic D810 in order to do time lapses and a little bit of video. I like it so much that I am now selling my D810 to get a Z7 as a main camera. All of the new features (EVF image review, better video autofocus, silent shutter for time lapses, ergonomics…) described here by Jared and for which he gives the Z7 a tick, I feel I just don't want to live without any more. My D810 just looks and feels like a relic now. A beautiful relic, but definitely DSLRs are on their way out and the future is mirrorless. And Nikons, at this moment for sure, have made the best mirorlesses there are.

Carlos Gabriel Diaz says:

At the end inside of your camera bag. The Z7 system is heavier considering carrying 3 lenses and one additional battery for the Z7 in order to match battery life of the D850

Just for comparation I am considering 3
popular prime lenses.
D850 camera system (Body, a 35mm 1.8, a 50mm 1.8 and a 85mm 1.8), weights 1755 gr.

Z7 system (Body, a 35mm 1.8, a 50mm 1.8 and a 85mm 1.8and additional battery), weights 1928 gr and with no extra battery, 1840 gr.

Most photographers will carry at least 2 or 3 lenses in their bags, therefore as system is not lighter.

The lenses are also larger, therefore the system is not smaller either (I will post length differences later)

Therefore there may be other advantages but lighter as a system is not one of them.

gurudeclan says:

Each has pro and cons. I like D850 battery life and more affordable lenses.

ThothHeart Maat says:

why is the z7 so small? why dont they build all that stuff into the z7 and make it bigger? is the z7 for women?

Mike Redmond says:

I went with Z7. Already had a D750 and a D7500. Keeping the D750 for birds and using the Z7 for landscapes and video.

Livelive says:

Thank you Jared!

Maurizio Mauricone says:

EVF's are bad for your eyes, so it seems.

Maurice Thiyam says:

How long will D850 last from now???? Anybody please help

Mike Brown says:

I like video so Z7 works for me. I do not feel that the weight and feel of the Z7 are a compromise and the AF features are an upgrade. I am not a Professional but have owned a Nikon since 1972., developed my negatives, etc. I currently use a Sony RX100 iv for photography when on vacation…great all a-rounder which keeps me light and unencumbered. That what works for me but I understand the purist who wants to roll with the tried and true D850 excellent choice, except for the video thing.
Change is tough but for an enthusiast like me I believe the Mirrorless is the way I will go in the next year.

Laura Lopez says:

I had the D850 and I must say while I'm currently very interested in the z7 I'm going to use the d850 and then in a while consider using the x6 in the future. Being a photographer I see many positives in having both cameras.

Ben Piret says:

D850 is amazing… but the lenses… Common Nikon make us lenses (like a 24-70 2.8) that can keep up with resolution

Paul Bennett says:

I have the D850 as I just love it, did go for a Z6 for travels though as I can still use my F-mounts although I am gradually replacing some with the Z mounts ( 50mm f1.8, 24-10mm f4 & 14-30mm f4 to date) 🙂

mithun das says:

Nikon d7500'd7200 and cannon 80d who is better

Richard Kenney says:

I happen to own both cameras, hey I'm a retired old geezer who just sold his house and moved into a retirement community. One thing that the D850 has going for it over the Z7 is the negative digitizer. I do like the weight of the Z7 for taking out in a hurry though. I only have cheep monolights so I tether one of the lights to the camera and set the rest of my lights to slave, this works for the D850 but not for the Z7. Buy the way B & H is selling the Z7 referb for $2,200.00. I was able to pick up the camera, a Z 50 f1.8 lens, the Z adapter, and a uv filter for less than $3,000.00. I don't believe that the Items were ever sold previously buy the condition they were in. Sometimes a product is run with a part missing so the production line is not shut down for a part that is not readily available.

Nerf Oreos says:

The D850 is one of the best 35mm cameras ever made, period.

Ehsan Eslami says:

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