Nikon D850 Review: Best Camera Ever?

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After 8 MONTHS & 17,000 photos, we tell you everything we’ve learned about the AMAZING Nikon D850 ( Portraits, landscapes, timelapses, sports, 4k video, street photography, travel, and more!

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Tony & Chelsea Northrup says:

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Jakob A says:

sure, with a machine gun you will eventually nail the moment.

KanonMadness says:

the only thing is that since the quality is crazy awesome… during portraits you can see all the imperfections in the model's face… which mean a lot of photoshop postroducion

MatthiasAI says:

I know Im gunna sound 12 but it must be said…. GODAMN The thic-ness overwhelming!! xD

James Kirk says:

Sponsored, humm ?

Stephen Smith says:

@0:57 do I see Fro Knows Photos (Jarid Polin)??

Rob Jorg says:

so Toby, how does it compare to the D750?

Mathews Hoyt says:

Easter Egg @ 57 seconds…

Closet Grasshopper says:

Dude Tony, I wanna cum all over Chelsea's tits. She's so hot.

Nedim Mujic says:

Hi, I have D750 lenses, do I have to buy new lenses now? Thanks

Maher Aldous says:

Beautiful and Thank you ^_^ 😀 🙂

fitri ajew says:

can someone give me one D850 for free ?? PLEASE I really want it

Dimitris Tsagdis says:

What is the weight of the D850 with the battery grip that gives you the 9fps.

nyc mubi photography says:

Never see journalists shooting mirrorless Sony or Fuji.
That tells you all.

First Last says:

Ha, Brasada Ranch.

FordFracture says:

This is what I dont understand they dump all that time and money and technology into this little black box of wonder but they skimp on the wifi ? If your not gonna do it right why even do it at all !

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