Nikon D810 vs Canon 5D Mark III Camera Comparison

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Deciding between the Nikon D810 and the Canon Mark III? We tested these two cameras in various lighting scenarios to compare which one performed the best!

I put Spencer in a fire suit, added some smoke and shot with both cameras in three scenarios on a 70-200mm lens. Take a look at the footage and judge for yourself.

Scene 1: Outdoors
Shutter Speed: 1/50
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 100
White Balance: Daylight

Scene 2: Indoors
Shutter Speed: 1/50
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 1250
White Balance: Tungsten

Scene 3: Low Light
Shutter Speed: 1/50
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 6400
White Balance: Tungsten

Thanks for watching. Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’.

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Truth Keeper Films says:

The “jello thing” it has 36mp “I think” and iso higher… dude has no clue what he’s talking about. Like zero

Michael Hanrahan says:

What's a Canon Mark III?

Михаил Пастухов says:

Вы придурки тупые!!!!!!!Зачем сраный глаз ящера вхерачили дебилы?????????????????????????????????

William Blackwell says:

It is funny that he says in 2014 that Canon will catch up and it is 2018 and Canon still has not made a better camera than the D810 . They have tried with the 5DSR and the 5DMiv but both fell short of the D810. Canon has a lot of work to do to make a better camera than the D810 much less the D850 .

BE3 Receiver says:

Am I the only one who thinks the dude in the fire suit with smoke and blue skies is just completely weird?

itsMido2 says:

Your assistant is super cute 😍

Paz N55 says:

Is Bether Nikon!!! 😘

Oscar Pinal says:

At 6400ISO, all the detail lost on the canon… Where is it?
Cant believe sometimes the only bad thing an image has is the noise level, when details remains intact.

Hablublib Baduu says:

"Canon will catch up!" .. then the 5D Mk IV came out.

CyberDNA13 says:

Hit Like if you saw that fly on the lens near to his finger 😀 01:24

Long Trip PR says:

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Ricardo T. M. says:

you said canon 810 🙂
Thanks for the video, an eye openner.
Canon 5D III is very old now and looks very old compared with the D810. Shame on Canon for being so slow to upgrade their technology.
Im a canon user, jumping to sony or nikon.

ivan riobla says:

Canon eventually catching up ?  right…    Must be a Canon sponsored 

IFoundMyUsername says:

I have a question. At 4:28, when you enter the frame, what is the true color of your shirt?

Nic Stewart says:

What lenses were used, i find it hard to see this as objective if i cant also compare the glass

Kuthumi says:

Canon = gray color 

On all cameras of the canon.

Percy Cortez says:

I thought these were still photography cameras. Whats the point of making these video comparisons? In the end the image is going to be manipulated on the editing software. And no one shoots without first adjusting their lighting. Unless they are wedding/event photographer videographer- and the videos made 6 yrs ago look great…..even on the latest HD televisions. This battle is getting too carried away.

davidvanhauwere says:

 Those two are Photo-camera's i suppose? Why compare them as videocamera's ?

PabloDiabloPL says:

Why is the magnification much higher on D810? (face is bigger in the frame). That makes it hard to compare (detail wise)…..

Li Ding says:

Nikon is known for its great dynamics range and vivid color, this is something Canon cant match so far.

Tyler Breeden says:

Love how my comment was deleted.  Must be a Canon sponsored "review."

Tyler Breeden says:

This is such a sad video.  The 5D MKIII, while a good stills camera, is not great anymore.  Some of Sony's mirrorless APS-C cameras are posting better sensor data than the 5D MKIII.  And Canon's idea of a new 7D (which was a truly legendary camera) pretty much ignores today's revolutionary tech that is changing the way people create images (still and motion).  The 7D been around for 5 years, so imagine in 2019 paying $2,000 for an APS-C DSLR with an idiotic mirror flapping about inside, nothing above 1080P at 60 fp/s, no maneuverable LCD, no hint of a high bit rate/flat video codec, no EVF (obviously), live view that surely lags, UHS-I — not II support, no C-Fast card slot (in a professional camera?), and last but not least, a "new" 20mp sensor.  Right.  Like Canon (or anyone) has the resources to re-fabricated another new 20.2 mp sensor with dual pixel AF.  The 70D's sensor is an embarrassment for photographers (if you care about the progress other companies are making).  You can already get a decent weather sealed semi pro mirrorless ILC (the GH4) that shoots in 4K along with several other features the $2,000 Canon doesn't/won't have.  I've owned probably 10 Canon cameras (2 DSLRs) and 6 Canon video cameras– and I still own 2 stills and 2 video cameras along with some decent EF glass– and i promise, I'm not a Canon hater.  I'm just blown away at their stubborn and clueless stagnation.

What is Canon doing?  What is the point of this video?  It appears as sad, pandering propaganda. The D810 is in a league above even Nikon's more expensive cameras, not to mention just about every other full frame camera on the market.  (Not that Nikon doesn't have their head up their * too.)

The birders and people invested in a lot of Canon glass– especially those who don't pay attention to technology– will love the 7D MKII and will find ways of justifying it's virtues, lauding it's unique "Canon-ness" and gloating in other undefinables, but I'd like to see Canon take a chance with a camera and do something exciting.  It's been since they (accidentally) did that with the 5D MKII that Canon has been a really exciting brand.  Videos like this convince me that's never going to happen.

Jerry nonda says:

I honestly would still rather have the 5DMIII..

Daniel Villiers says:

Thanks for the test, I think detail should be balanced with ISO. In photography we all know too much that some camera eat into detail by applying a lot of noise reduction by default in the jpeg smearing the noise but only in RAW that you can see the true high Iso performance . That is why DXOmark is of such value they compare every camera at same resolution/print size (I think 8 megapixel). For video it should be the same, if for example you used Neat video on the Nikon d810 image to get same level of detail/resolution than the Mark 3, what would be the result? This would compare both camera closer in terms of their respective high ISO images.

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